start business with 25000 thousand rupees and earn in lacs

New Business Ideas

The youth who have skills and wants to start their business with new idea but due to shortage of money, not able to start a business. Therefore Government has started a scheme to help those youth  named a Startup India Scheme.

In our country, many programs like Startup India and Standup India  have been started by the central government to help new businessman. Under this program, many facilities are being given to the traders.

Under which businessmen get all kinds of exemptions from fund raising to tax exemption etc. At the same time, new businessmen also get a chance to work together with successful businessmen.

But all these benefits are available only when you register yourself with the government and fulfill all their conditions.

What is Startup India Scheme :

  • The government has started a program to help new businessman, which is named Startup
  • The company has to offer new products or services through new development, new innovation and technology.
  • The turnover of that company should not be more than 25 crores.
  • According to DIPP Guidelaine, to get any government benefit, that company must be incorporated on 1st April 2016
  • That company must be at least five years old

How to register with government

  • To register any startup with the government, one has to register himself by visiting the government’s site and filling the online form.
  • To register the qualification letter has to be obtained from any government recognized incubator.
  • Along with this, necessary documents are also to be submitted to prove their eligibility.
  • For uploading documents or for any kind of assistance, you can call on the toll free number 1800115565


Benefits of Startup india Scheme

There are many benefits of Startup India Scheme to help and promote new businessman along with  our economy also.

  1. Easy Process: Government has launched mobile app and website for easy registration of startup. Anyone can fill up simple form and upload required documents online. And complete process is entirely online.
  2. Government has setup 10000 crores rupees fund for startup plan and also giving guarantee to the lenders to encourage bank and other financial institutions to provide venture capital.
  3. Governments are providing many cost reduction facilities for patent and trademarks.
  4. New startup has been given exemption from income tax for 3 years.
  5. They can apply in government tenders also and has given many relief from earlier rules as minimum criteria.
  6. For research and development, seven new R & D Park will be established.


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