Start Biofloc Business With Just Rs 25000 And Earn Lakhs of Every Month

Friends, today we will tell about such a fish farming business, which you can earn millions of a month by investing a few thousand, Biofloc is an advanced technique of fish farming developed by Israel.

With the technology of Biofloc, you can do fish farming even in a small tank in a very small space. To do Biofloc fish farming all you need is some necessary equipment and knowledge only.

You can start this beoflaw fish farming with just Rs 25000, and can earn lakhs a month. Nowadays the government is also promoting fish farming. For this, the government is also giving many schemes and subsidies.

The government has given the status of agriculture to fish farming and is also providing government loan for fish farming.

Biofloc fish farming is also known as Blue Revolution. Therefore friends if you wish to start Biofloc fish farming technique, you can contact fisheries department in your district and state. Before starting you should take complete knowledge and training also.

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