If you are troubled by job then start this business

New Business Idea

Friends after lockdown due to corona, many people lost their job and many are getting troubled from job therefore many peoples want to start their own job.

So today I will discuss about such a business which will be very beneficial for you and you can earn lacs of rupees in every year by doing this business.

Friends you can do this business by cultivating Makhana and to sell them in the market. There are lots of demand of Makhana in the market.

In Bihar there are some districts where Makhana is cultivated and in Bihar this business has got GI tag. You can eat Makhana in every season and being eaten in cities to small villages every where.

And if you are living in Bihar and you are cultivating Makhana then you will get subsidy also.

Let us know about Makhana cultivation business.

If you cultivate makhana on  one hectare of land then on average, cost will be approximate 95 thousand rupees. But if you are resident of Bihar the you can get subsidy from government.

For cultivation of makhana you will not have to buy seeds from market, you will get seeds from last cultivation. But labour cost  is more in this business.

In this business hard work and care both are necessary therefore you cant do this business alone , you will have to take help of labour also.

Once the crop is ready the you can earn huge profit by selling them in the market.

Apart from makhana its stalks and tuber have also very demand in the market. And you can earn good profit by selling these in market.

You can easily earn 3 to 4 lacs in a year by cultivation of Makhana and to sell them in market.

And there is required very less amount of investment and huge profit, so you can start this business.


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