How to become a LIC Agent, Registration Procedure

Who is LIC Agent in India

LIC Insurance Company of India makes its agents to promote its business and to spread its insurance related schemes to the common people. These agents act as an intermediary between the company and the client.

At the same time, if a person wants to become an agent, he can become and earn money. But for this, first you have to prove your qualifications in front of the company, after which LIC is given a license to become an agent of the company.

After getting the license, you officially become the representative (agent) of the LIC company.

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LIC Agent

Full name of LIC (full from of LIC)

LIC of India is known as Life Insurance Corporation of India.

Eligibility to become a LIC agent

If you talk about merit, then along with education, you should have the power to talk to people and change their thinking with their words. Because of this you can move forward in this business.

So first check yourself whether you are comfortable talking with other people or not and how well you can speak in front of others. Along with this, how soon you can convince someone to get insurance.


The education limit of the applicant has been kept at a minimum of 12th, but it is necessary for the applicant to have studied his class XII from a government certified board.

At the same time there is no restriction on the highest education for qualification, meaning a student or person of any stream (class) after class XII can apply to become an LIC agent.

At the same time, there is no rule on the maximum age limit, but the minimum age should be 18 years. That is, only after completing 18 years, a person can apply to become an LIC agent.

Along with this, it is also beneficial to have patience and positive thinking, LIC becomes its agent to those people who want to make their future in the field of marketing itself.

Procedure to become a LIC agentĀ 

LIC agent offline process
After online registration, you will have to go to the office of your nearest LIC and contact the officials. Where your documents will be verified. After which an interview will be done by the manager of the branch there.

However, after applying through any process online or offline, this process has to be done. In offline you can do both the registration and verification process simultaneously.

LIC agent recruitment online registration

For online registration, you can register directly by visiting this link After clicking on it, a page will open and on this page you will be asked for your email, name and address, mobile number and date of birth.

After this, LIC employees make phone calls or emails to you. During this contact you will be explained further procedures and terms and conditions. After online registration process, you get only the initial information through online. After which you have to go to LIC office to get other information.

LIC agent training online

Your ability will be tested in the next step. After that if you pass the interview conducted by the Branch Manager (Branch Manager), then you will be sent for training (training) at a nearby agency training center. However, you can also take this training online. The time of this training is only 25 hours.

IRDA (Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority) Online Examination (LIC agent online exam registration)

IRDA (Insurance Regulatory Development Authority) online examination will be conducted to test what you learned during training and what you know about insurance and policies.

You will be included in the further process only when you have secured at least 35 percent marks in this examination.

LIC agent license

After completing all these procedures, you will be declared an insurance agent by IRDA. After which you will be given a license and login ID. After getting the license, you will officially become an agent of LIC.

Required Documents to become LIC Agent

To become an LIC agent, you have to submit some documents, first of which a photo of your 3 small passport size will be asked. A photo of which will be used to make your ID card.

To check your date of birth, you may be asked for a photocopy of your birth certificate or your 10th grade marksheet. With this, a photocopy of your 12th class marksheet will also be sought from you. Through which your education level will be confirmed. If someone is a graduate, he can also apply his degree.

As an identity card, you can put a photocopy of the voter ID, passport, driving license or Aadhaar card. Whereas for proof of residence, you can also submit ration card, electricity bill, bank statement or government certified residence certificate. If you want to give a certificate for residence and identity, then submit a copy of passport or driving license deposit.

It is often seen that when you go to work in any company, PAN card is definitely sought, in such documents PAN card is required to become an LIC agent.

What to do after becoming a LIC agent

If you become its agent, then you have to meet new people and give full details of your company’s policies and plans, for example you will have to convince people about health insurance, Jeevan insurance and savings scheme.

Along with this, we have to try that the customer knows all the conditions of the company in a good way. So that no problem can ever be faced in the further process and the client should not have to face any problem in any way.

After becoming an agent, you have to find such people who want to get insurance, in other words, you have to go to the people and persuade them to get insurance. After this, you are also responsible for their documents and other works

Not only this, you also have to keep an account of the money and installments deposited by the insuring customer. Apart from this, customers have to deposit money and go to LIC office. You have to do this every month or yearly, though it depends on the insurance taker that he will pay his installments in a month, in annuity.

Life Insurance Corporation of India is a good company, so working in it gives a lot to learn. There is no doubt that stepping into this career is not free from danger. But it is also true that in which there is danger, the achievements are also big.

Simply put, before becoming an LIC agent it is important for you to know how good your power is to convince and convince others. Because this talent can make you a successful agent.

Not only this, this job gives you the opportunity to become financially and mentally strong and you are able to win the challenges easily in your life and win. If you talk about its target, then you can accomplish it easily by doing a little hard work.

Because Life Insurance Corporation of India is the most trusted insurance policy selling company of India, which was established by the Government of India on September 1, 1956.


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