There are some agri business ideas that you can start with low cost and earn good money.

Friends, today I will tell you 8 agriculture based business ideas, which you can start with low cost and earn good money. You can also earn lakhs by doing this business. So know about these business ideas.

Organic Farm Green House

The use of organic foods has increased over the past few years, as people are reducing their consumption of foods grown with chemicals and fertilizers to avoid health risks. Therefore, nowadays the trend of Organic Farm Green House has increased, through which organic food items are being produced through organically developed farming method and its demand is increasing day by day. Therefore, if you also do business of this Organic Farm Green House, then you too can easily earn up to lakhs.

Dried flower business

Nowadays flower production is one of the fastest growing crops in the agriculture sector. Nowadays the demand for flowers is very high in the market. Due to which the business of dried flowers is growing very fast. So if you want, you can do business of dried flowers.

Poultry farming

Poultry farming is also a very fast growing business, which is becoming very advanced due to technological development with time. And the profit in this business is also high.


You can start fish farming business at any time of the year with medium capital investment. With the help of modern technology, fish farming has also become easy. And earning has started getting better from it.

Sunflower farming business

Sunflower cultivation is one of the profitable crops. It is also called commercial cash crop. Because land is its primary requirement to start sunflower cultivation.

Hydroponic Retail Store Business

This is a new technique of plantation, in which soil is not required for growing crops. If you want, you can also grow crops in water indoors. Therefore, crops can also be grown using hydroponic technology and the equipment used in this technology can also be sold.

Mushroom farming

Mushroom farming is a very profitable business, it does not even require much investment. You can start this business from home with little investment.

Fertilizer distribution business

The business of `fertilizer  store  is different from the farmers, which is controlled by the government. So if you get a license, you can make good profits by doing this business.

Apart from this, there are some other such businesses by which you can earn good money…

  • Shrimp farming
  • Fish hatchery
  • Milk production
  • Cashew nut processing
  • Piggery
  • Spice processing
  • Vegetable farming
  • Medicinal herb kheti
  • Fruit juice production
  • livestock feed production
  • Tea plantation
  • Soybean processing
  • Tuberose cultivation
  • Arrangement of cactus
  • E-shopping portal
  • Peanut processing
  • Corn cultivation

So friends, if you want, you can start this business by investing a lot of work and earn lakhs by earning well.

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