Now you can start this business even in the village with the help of the government

Buisness Ideas :

Friends, today we have again brought new business ideas for you, which is related to agriculture. And by taking help from the government, you can do this business in the village itself.

If you live in the village then you can start this business easily. For this, you can earn lakhs by investing only 25 to 30 thousand rupees. And the important thing is that government also gives subsidy for this business.

We are talking about pearl farming. many peoples has became millionare by pearl cultivation.

So let’s give information about how to cultivate pearl

Requirements for pearl farming :

For pearl farming mainly three thing required which is given below ‘

  • Pond
  • Oysters (From which perls are made) and
  • Training

You will required above three things for pearl farming.

The 1st requirement is pond therefore for ponds , either you can dig yourself or can take help of government who gives 50% subsidy.

Second requirement is Oyster which  is available in many states but the quality of oysters in south india and Darbhanga district of Bihar is very good.

Third and most important things are training. There are maney institutions for pearl farming training. You can take training from Hoshangabad of Madhya Pradesh or from Mumbai.

How to do pearl farming

Firstly the oysters are tied in a net and then put in the pond for 10 to 15 days, so that they can create their environment according to them.

After 10 to 15 days , they are taken out and their surgery is done by inserting a particle or mold inside the oyster.

After layering oysters on this mold, layers are formed, which later become pearls.

Cost of pearl farming

You should aware that cost to preapare an oyester is about 25 to 30 rupees. and after preparation of oyster, two perals are come out from an oyster. If you put 25 thousand shells in a one acre pond, then it will cost about 8 lakh rupees.

Profit from pearl farming

A pearl can be sold at least as Rs.120 and if the quality is good then you can get more than 200 rupees for a pearl. Suppose 50 percent oysters got wasted while preaparing the oyster then you can earn easily about 30 lakh rupees annually.


Friends in this way you can earn very good profit by pearl farming business. So this business idea could be  very useful for you. So you should start this business at low cost.


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