Just invest ten thousand rupees and earn thirty thousand rupees per month by doing this business from home

Business ideas :

Friends, if you wants to earn some extra money by doing some small business, then today I will tell you about a business like this, of pickle making business which you can start it from home with only investment of less than Rs. 10,000/-

With this small investment, you can earn at least Rs 30,000/- per month. And this Pickle making is such a business in which recession is very less and the demand of this evergreen business is always there.

Because everyone likes to eat pickle with food and without it the meal seems incomplete. You can start Pickle making business in any season. You can start Pickle Making Business in any season.

Start this business from home

You can start this business from home also. From home you can start with very less investment since there is not required any machinery  and setup. You required only open space to prepare and dry pickle. First start with low investment, later on increasing the income, you can  go for large scale.

Get started with just Rs 10,000/-

You can start business even with Rs 10000. If you want, you can easily do this business by earning about 25-30 thousand from the first month itself. But it depends on your work, your product quality, packing and the area where you are doing business. And you can also sell pickles online, wholesale, retail markets or through retail chains.

Can get government help also

Through the Self-reliant India Mission, the government wants to make people self-reliant. The entire focus of the government is on going from local to vocal. The goal of the Modi government is to take Made in India products to the world. It is the dream of the central government that people should become job creators instead of job seekers. Build your own business or startup. The government has also run various schemes for this, so that people can be made skilled.

Area required about 900 square foot

You need 900 square feet area to do this business. Open space is needed for the preparation of pickles, drying and packing of pickles. In order to avoid spoilage for a long time, a lot of cleanliness is required while preparing it, so that the pickle can be kept safe for a long time.

Know how much you can earn

If you start pickle making business with Rs 10000, then with the right marketing strategy and hard work, you can  double its profit. In the first marketing the entire amount of cost is recovered and after that only profit is made. In this business, you can gradually enlarge the business with your hard work and new experiments. Gradually every month your business will increase and your profit will also increase.

Know how to get Licence

You need to get a license for pickle business. To start this business first need to take licence from the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI). You can apply for this license by filling the online form

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