Earn lakh of rupees per month by doing this business on empty roof

Rooftop Business ideas :

Friends if you have your own house or you are living in such a place where roof is laying vacant then you can do a very good business on the vacant roof. You can use that vacant roof as your source of income.

There are many business ideas for rooftop business but i will tell you three such rooftop business. So let us tell you about that business idea.

Terrace Mobile Tower

There are many telecom companies who are looking for empty terrace to set up their own tower. In exchange for that, telecom companies pays a lot of money. Therefore open terrace could be a very good option to make money by set up a tower on it.

But before set up a tower on the roof it is necessary to take non objection certificate from neighboring people along with local municipal corporation.

Agreement is made between you and the company and you get a rent every month from that company.

Terrace Solar Plant

You can set up a solar plant on your roof to produce electricity. And that electricity you can sell to Discom. Discom will install a meter on your house. And from the reading in meter it will be known how much electricity has been given to Discom.

Therefore on the basis of reading you will be paid by Discom. There is investment of around 70 to 80 thousand rupees per Kilowatt. You can sell these electricity to your neighbor also.

Terrace Gardening

Terrace gardening is a very good business idea where vegetable plants is planted in a polybag. For terrace gardening you will have to prepare a green house on your terrace.  And for irrigation drip systems will have to be installed. And a device is also required to control temperature and humidity.

Apart from that organic manure is required which is good for the plant. Pesticides can be used to protect from mosquito and diseases.

Bank also provide business loan for some business

To promote these type of business, government also help to provide business loan.



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