3 such small investment indigenous business ideas, which will earn you good amount

Indigenous business ideas :

Friends, today I will tell about some such indigenous business from which you can start with very little investment, and can earn well.  So let us explain these three  business ideas in detail.

Cow urine made products business :

Maney products made from cow’s urine which are very good in quality and are also very beneficial for our health. There are many products as bath soap, shampoo, powder, detergent etc are made from cow urin.

Therefore you can start your business by selling these products and can earn good amount.

Fertilizer, seeds and vermicompost shop :

If you are thinking to do any agricultural related business then you can do this business. You can start a shop of Fertilizer, seeds and vermicompost where you can sell different types of good quality of these products. so that farmers will not have to go out side of village to purchase thes products.

Fruit  Jam & Juice business :

There are are no shortage of fruits in our country . There are variety of fruits available, but you should have an idea how to use them. Many products are made from fruits and by making these products like Jam, candies, juice you can start your buiness. There are many companies which are making making products from fruitand earning in lacs. There are example of many such companies such as Patanjali, Ana Priya, Rachna Fruity etc.

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