Roof Top Business ideas – Earn from the roof of the house

4 best ways to start your business with modest expenses

Friends If you are thinking about to do some business but do not have the capital to start a business. Not to worry, many banks do a good amount of loan for selected businesses.

Here I will suggest some business ideas where you can start your business with small investment from your house roof. And for investment no need to worry you, Bank will help to get loan also to start your business.

How to start Business:

Start a business? Want to earn But there is no way out. Time to look at your home. If you have a roof in any city or village or in a metro city, then the way to good earning can be opened. The roof of the house can also lead to many types of businesses.

There is also a good amount of income in these businesses. Investment is also modest. Just a little attention is needed.

Bank will help you

If you do not have the capital to start a business. Not to worry, many banks do a good amount of loan for selected businesses. There are also many agencies in the market, which also offer business for roofing.

You can get loan from solar industry to telecom industry, agriculture industry, real estate industry.

How to earn money with solar plant

There is an increase in the attraction of solar power across the world. The government is also promoting it. In such a situation, you can take double advantage by placing a solar plant on the roof of your building.

The first electricity bill will be saved and the second will be income from the business. For this, you have to contact the Discom of the area, who puts a meter at home for the electricity to be made from the solar panel. This shows how much electricity was sold to discoms.

Earnings rates are fixed on the basis of solar policy of every state. For example, in Delhi, discoms pay on the basis of Rs. 5.30 per unit. For a solar plant, you only have to invest 70 to 80 thousand rupees per KWH and through which you can get returns for 25 years.

According to industry standards, a plant can work for a maximum of 25 years.

Earn money by doing terrace farming

Terrace farming is becoming increasingly popular in India. For this, a green house will have to be built on the roof of the building. Where, vegetable plants can be planted in polybags and continuous irrigation can be done through drip system.

To control the temperature and the moisture, equipment has to be installed. Mud and cocopeats have to be filled in polybags. For this, organic manure can also be used.

Pesticides should be used in case of mosquito or other diseases in the plants. As far as marketing is concerned, once people know about you, then people will start reaching out to you to buy vegetables themselves. Or you can also keep a delivery boy to send to their homes.

Earn money by installing mobile towers (How to apply for mobile tower)

If the roof of your building is empty, then you can rent it to mobile companies. Companies will give you an attractive amount every month by putting mobile towers here. However, for this, you will not only have to get a No Objection Certificate from the people of the neighborhood, but you will also have to get permission from the local municipal corporation.

In view of the increasing problem of call drop, the government has simplified the rules for erecting towers, which has increased your chances.

Make money by getting hoardings

If your building is in such a location that is easily visible from a distance or along a main road, then you can get a good amount by placing hoardings on your roof. There are advertising agencies in every city that do outdoor advertising.

You can contact this agency, who will take hoardings on your roof with all kinds of clearance. However, you have to be cautious whether the agency has clearance before placing the hoardings or else government action can be taken against you.

Hoarding rent is determined based on the location of the property.

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