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Detergent Soap

If you want to get information about washing soap or detergent cake formula formula and machine information, then this blog is made for you.

Because we will share with you here the soap or detergent cake making formula (method) and machine, advertisement and its complete information.

Table of Contents

  1. Detergent soap Business
  2. Location for soap business
  3. License for detergent soap business
  4. Labor for soap manufacturing
  5. Soap Making Training & Traninig
  6. Soap Industry Profit
  7. Cost of Detergent Cake Making Business
  8. Method of making soap
  9. Detergent soap making machine price
  10. Material for detergent cake
  11. Advertisement on washing powder
  12. Focus on Branding
  13. Make Brand Awareness Slogan
  14. Laundry soap industry loan
  15. Precautions
  16. Conclusion

Detergent soap Business

Friends, we all know that soap has become the common need of all citizens, whether it is bath soap or laundry soap.

Due to which the demand for soap has become very high in the market, somewhere we are convinced that this is a good opportunity.

When we should start our soap making industry. But for this, with the right information we have, we also need good experience

Friends, below we are sharing with you all the small big information related to the business of soap, please read them carefully.

Location for soap business

For the soap industry, you should choose the place keeping in mind the following :-

  • Road side
  • Good power system
  • Water system
  • Close to town

License for detergent soap business

Friends, you can easily register this business, you can also get a license for soap business through online industry base.

Or you can register this business by going to the District Industry Center of your city.

Labor for  soap industry

You need at least two workers for this business in the beginning and then later as the work progresses.

The number of workers also increases

Soap making process & Training 

To start any business, it is very important for you to have complete knowledge of that work.

Along with this, you also need to have experience of work that will be very helpful in your own business.

So before starting your business, you should go to the companies that do that business and work there for a few days to enhance your experience.

Soap industry profit

You are likely to get benefits of up to 20 percent which will continue to grow as the business grows.

Cost of Detergent cake making business

Although the expenditure in business depends on the size of the business, but we give you the total expenditure in a small soap industry varies from 4 lakh to 6 lakh.

Soap making process

After putting 200 kg of dolomite in the sigma mixture, let it mix for a while and after that you have to add 6 kg of soda

After mixing it, after that you have to add 40 kg of acid slurry

Now you have to let it mix for half an hour, then after half an hour you have to put AOS 8 kg in it.

Which proves to be very useful for making foam, after mixing all these, you have to add 20 kg of sodium silicate.

Along with this, polymers have to be added which helps in maintaining the softness of the hand while using the soap.

Now you can add perfume or fragrant substance to it, which makes the smell of soap

With this, you can also add color to it, you can add color according to your branding, because color helps in making your brand identity.

You have to mix all these ingredients in this sigma mixer for half an hour to an hour so that all these ingredients are mixed well.

Now you have to remove all the material from the sigma mixture after mixing it well.

Friends, after leaving the sigma mixer, you can make a cake by putting it in your own dye by putting it in the detergent cake grudle machine.

Then after that for cutting this cake, you have to put it in this detergent cake cutting machine and cut it.

After this you can pack it and sell it in the market

Detergent soap making machine price

Friends, you may have to invest anywhere from 2 lakh to 3.5 lakh to buy a washing machine.

In this, you have to buy the following machines

  • Mixer machine
  • Plowder
  • Cutting machine
  • Packaging machine

Through machines etc. you can start the business

Material for detergent cake

Dolomite powder (100 kg)
Soda ASH (3 kg)
Acid sultry (20 kg)
AOS (to make 4 kg foam)
Sodium silicate (10 kg)
Polymer (5 kg to keep hands soft)

Laundry soap advertisement 

Friends, if we talk about advertising of laundry soap, then you always have to take care of this thing.

We first need a logo and a good name that is simple to create an identity.

Focus on branding

Just like in today’s time, there are many such brands in the market which are sold on the basis of the name, because the league knows that brand.

So friends, whenever you think of marketing or promoting any of your business, you must first consider the name or brand for your business.

After this, you have to think that what is the good quality in your laundry soap due to which your product is better than the product of other people

You can market your business by targeting the same good gun.

Make Brand Awareness Slogan

In order to spend more time on the customer’s mind while advertising your product, you will have to create a slogan that keeps wandering in the mind of the people.

As the watch detergent is a slogan of the cake “first use then believe”

And the slogan of Tide is “Everyone’s surprise with a white chance of tide”

In the same way, every brand in the market places more emphasis on the logo of the brand i.e. symbol and slogan at the time of marketing to maintain the identity of their product.

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Along with this, tell us through comments that how did you like our blog?

Laundry soap industry loan

For this industry, you should first collect capital from your friends or relatives.

If you still cannot collect the money, then you can apply for a loan in the bank

You can also apply for Pradhan Mantri Mudra Loan, apart from this you can also apply for loan under MSME

You have to prepare some papers before applying for loan, such as project report which can be prepared by CA

And you are also preparing Aadhar card, PAN card, work experience certificate, etc. With all these documents, you have to apply for a loan.

If you pass this loan in the name of a woman, then you also get subsidy here.


The conclusion

Friends, how did you like this blog 2020 washing soap or detergent cake making formula (recipe) and machine information in Hindi

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