How to Start Sanitary Napkin or pads Making Business – Plan, Manufacturing Cost, Required Machinery etc.

Sanitary pad

Many products related to women’s hygiene are sold in the market and one of these products is also sanitary pads. Sanitary pads are used by women during their periods and this is a product that is required by women every month. Among other products sold in the market, sanitary pads are the most sought after by women. Therefore, by opening the business of sanitary pads, more profit can be made in less time.

Demand of sanitary pads in India and its market

In India, a lot of campaigns are being conducted for the cleanliness of women and due to this, there is a lot of awareness among women about sanitation products. And due to increasing awareness, the demand for sanitation products is also increasing in our country.
According to a survey, the Indian hygiene market is going to increase significantly in the coming time. Currently, the Indian feminine hygiene product market is about 22.21 billion rupees and by the time of 2020, this market is going to touch a figure of 34.68 billion rupees.

Sanitary pads are one of the products in the category of hygiene products and are counted among the fast moving consumer goods. The demand for sanitary pads was earlier the highest in urban areas. But after many programs launched for the cleanliness of women, now their demand has also increased in the rural area. Due to which many international companies are engaged in entering the sanitation market of India.
Available Sanitary Pad in Market:

At present, sanitary pads are being sold by many companies in India and these companies have been selling sanitary pads in India for a long time. Apart from these companies, recently many other companies have started the work of selling sanitary pads in our country.

Name of companies selling sanitary pads in India –

Whisper – Whisper pads are made by the Procter & Gamble Company and this company is one of the oldest companies. Many Whisper range pads are sold in the market and the price of these pads starts at Rs 29, which increases with the quality of the pads.

Stayfree – Stayfree pads have been bought by a company called Energizer and after Whisper Pads, the Stephree brand pads are the most sought after in India. Ten types of pads are sold by Stayfree. The price of these pads starts at Rs 28 and increases with the quality of the pads.

Sophie Side Walls – Sophie Side Walls is Japan’s No.1 sanitary napkin brand in the country and pads of this brand are now sold in India as well. In a very short time, this brand has established its name in India.

Raw Materials used in making sanitary pads

Cellulose Pulp
Cellulose pulp is a clean, wood-based, renewable and biodegradable raw material and is used to produce tissues, boards, sanitary pads, and paper.

Cellulose pulp price

The price of cellulose pulp is not always the same and varies with time. The price of a kilo of cellulose pulp starts at Rs 50, which varies with time.

Where to buy

You can order cellulose pulp by visiting this URL. And along with ordering cellulose pulp in this site, you will get to know its exact price.

Super absorbent polymer

Super absorbent polymer is also used in making pads. Sanitary pads are used to absorb bleeding during menstruation and the pads are able to absorb the bleeding well with the help of a super absorbent polymer.

Price of super absorbent polymer

Super absorbent polymer comes in many quality, if you take good quality super absorbent polymer then it will cost you a little bit. At the same time, you will find a slightly less quality super absorbent polymer a bit cheaper.

Where to buy

You can order super absorbent polymer by visiting these links.

Non-Woven Fabric

The next material used to make sanitary pads is non-woven fabric and this fabric is also used to make other types of things besides pads.

Non Woven Fabric Price

The prices of non-woven fabric are determined based on its quality. If you use good quality non-woven fabric for making pads, then it costs you from 40 to 60 rupees per meter. And if you buy low-quality non-woven fabric, it will cost you less than 40 rupees.

Where to buy

Non-woven fabric can be purchased from any wholesale market and you can purchase non-woven fabric online if you want.

Links to website related to buying non-woven fabric

Polypropylene Back Sheet

At the time of starting the sanitary pad business, you will also have to buy polypropylene back sheet as polypropylene back sheet is also used when making the pad.

Polypropylene back sheet price

Polypropylene back sheet is sold in kg and you will get this sheet for the price of Rs 300 per kg. However, its price also keeps decreasing and more according to its quality.

Where to buy

Traders also sell polypropylene back sheets online and you can order polypropylene back sheets by visiting this link.

Silicon Paper

You will also need silicon paper while making the pad. In fact, after making sanitary pads, silicone paper is applied on them and when women use the pads, they first remove this silicone paper on the pads and then use the pads.
Silicone paper price

A seat of silicon paper is sold at Rs 40 per kg. But if you take a good quality silicone paper seat, then its price can be more than 40 rupees.

Where to buy

Many Indian and Chinese companies do the work of selling silicon paper and you will get information about the phone numbers of these companies online. And you can order these papers by contacting these companies. Or you can place the order of these papers through online by visiting the link given below.

Hot melt seal
Hot Melt Seal and Hot Melt Positioning Seal are used when making pads. And you can buy both these materials from the link given below:

Machine and Price used in making sanitary pads

Two types of machines are available in the market for making sanitary pads, the first one is semi-automatic napkin making machine and the second is automatic napkin making machine.

Semi-automatic sanitary napkin machine cost

With the help of semi-automatic napkin making machine, more pads can be made in less time and this machine is also very cheap.

Actually this machine is made by many companies and every company sells this machine at different prices. But the semi-automatic napkin making machine is sold for at least two lakh rupees.

Where to buy

You can go to and link pad Can buy semi-automatic making machine. On these sites you will get more information related to this machine.

Automatic Sanitary Napkin Making Machine –

If you want to make sanitary pads on a large scale and you have a good budget to do the business of sanitary pads, then automatic napkin making machine is the best option for you.

With the help of automatic napkin making machine, you will be able to make more pads in less time and anyone can run this machine easily.
Automatic Napkin Making Machine Price

Compared to semi-automatic napkin making machine, automatic napkin making machine can make more pads in less time and hence the price of this machine is much higher.
To buy an automatic napkin making machine, you should have at least seven lakh rupees, if you take this machine from a good company, then the price can be more.
Where to buy

Order of Automatic Napkin Making Machine by going online and pads-making-machine-15797496612.html can be found at these links.

Sanitary Napkin Manufacturing Process –

To make a pad, you have to buy all the raw materials mentioned above from the shop and after that you can start making the pad with the help of an automatic napkin making machine or semi-automatic napkin making machine.

Pad Making Process –

Firstly, soft pulp is prepared with the help of pulverisers machine. After which this soft pulp is pressed with a napkin press machine and shaped into a pad.

The pad is sealed with a napkin sealing machine after the soft pulp has been shaped into a pad. When the pads are well sealed, then glue is applied behind them with a glue machine and then silicon paper is pasted on it.

In the next step, the pads have to undergo UV treated sterilization process and in this way the pads are formed.

Packaging and Labeling

Packets of various sizes of sanitary pads are sold in the market. Some of which are small packets and some are big, so you will also have to sell your pads in small size and big size packets.

The packaging of both these types of packets is done differently. For example, only eight pads are packed in small packets, while larger size packets pack more number of pads.
You also have to choose the color of your sanitary pad packet thoughtfully and if you try, then you choose a color that women like. Because this product is used by women and you have to packaging it in the same way that women like.


In the pack of sanitary pads, you will have to give the name of your company, expiry date of the pads, how they are used and how to dispose it.
Registering your company (Registration of the company)

You will also have to get your sanitary pad company registered and at the time of registration, you will have to fill in your information such as your company address, your company name. Therefore, while making a plan to open a company of sanitary pads, first of all, definitely choose the name of this company.


Before selling your company’s sanitary pads in the market, you also have to get a license related to selling them and only after getting these licenses, you will be able to sell your sanitary pads in the market.

Place selection

To start a sanitary pad company, you have to choose a place where the transportation facility for easy access to electricity, water and labor is available.
After making sanitary pads, you will also need a lot of space to store these pads and you will need a big room to keep the materials used to make sanitary pads. Therefore, you should select the same location which is spread over an area of ​​at least 2000 square feet.
Selection of people

Before starting a sanitary pad company, you will have to hire some people with experience in this field and with the help of these people you will also get a lot of help in starting this business. Apart from experienced people, you will also have to hire some labor employees.


The material used in making sanitary pads catches fire quite easily, so firefighters must be installed at the place where you are about to start your sanitary pad manufacturing.


To promote your sanitary pad company, you have to use many types of marketing tools. Because with the help of marketing, people will get to know about the brand of your sanitary pad.

Marketing through advertisement

With the help of advertising, you can make your brand of sanitary pad famous among people in a short time. If you want, you can advertise your sanitary pad in TV or you can also tell people about your sanitary pad through newspaper.

Can sell pads online 

Selling pads through online also promotes your company and your products are also sold. Therefore, you can either create your own sanitary pad company website to sell pads online, or start selling your sanitary pads through online product selling websites.

Budget and Profit

Starting a sanitary pad business will cost you at least Rs 10 lakh, while your profit margin will depend on how much rupees you sell your pad for.


How sanitary pads are made, you also have to get your employees trained in this so that they can make the pads properly and if possible, then you should take training to make sanitary pads yourself.

Before opening the business of sanitary pads, you should do a good research about the market of sanitary pads. So that you can get a fair idea of ​​how much investment you will have to invest in starting the sanitary pad business and how much time you will start making profit from this trade.

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