How to Start Paper Cup Manufacturing Business

Paper Cup Manufacturing Business

Paper cup manufacturing business is a very lucrative business as a small business. A paper cup is a disposable item made from paper. And it is very effective in preventing liquids, so nowadays the use of paper cups has increased a lot and people prefer paper cups more than plastic cups.

Most people use it for drinking tea, coffee, cold drinks, water etc. And the demand for day-to-day paper cups is increasing and thus, this business is seen as a profitable business.

Here Step Wise has been told to start a paper manufacturing business.

Paper Cup Market Opportunity

Originally, paper cups are used for hot beverages such as tea, coffee, and any type of cold drink or energy drink. It is also used in serving customized beverages such as lassi, juice, etc.

Beside this  paper cups are also used to hold ice cream, sweet corn, sweet treats and canned foods. Paper cups are available in different sizes in the market from 60 ml to 550 ml. Since cups are made of food grade paper, which is a better alternative to plastic, they are now being used for catering in almost all locations.

Its demand is increasing everywhere in the village or city, paper has been seen as a better option since the international lining has banned plastic products.

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Legal process for paper cup manufacturing

Before starting the paper cup making business, you are required to register your company. Apart from this, you have to get Trade License, Health License, GST Registration, No Objection from Pollution Control Board, Factory License, EPF and ESI Registration. If you want to use a diesel engine set for an alternate source of power supply, you will need to pay for special permission from your local district authority.

Machines for paper cup manufacturing

Before starting a paper cup making project, you are advised to make a project report. You can set up a paper cup making unit in two ways. One is through a semi-automated process and another is through a fully automated process.

According to your desired quality and production items, you need to select a machine. The selection of the right machine is the most important factor for any manufacturing business. Installing machine that does not fit your requirement is fatal for any manufacturing business.

In the semi-automatic paper cup making unit, it comes with die cutting machine, paper cup making machine, printing machine, counting machine and printing machine. For fully automated setup, you can install an automatic paper cup making machine.

In every case, proper machine layout planning is important. Such as raw material sewage, mechanization, control unit and finished product sewage. Before placing a purchase order, check the sales service facility of the Pampered, period and machine supply company.

Raw Materials and Production Process for Paper Cup Manufacturing

Generally, you can use roll coated paper rolls to make paper cups. You will get enough information about raw materials and raw material supplier from your project report.

Use a die cutting machine to cut the pre-printed sheet paper into the cup-fan-wall-body.  Pack the prepared paper cups in plastic bags, and transfer the bags to the cardboard box.

This process is applied to coated sheet paper and cup-bottom-roll paper. You can also set your own printing session in making paper cups.


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