How to Start Naphthalene Balls Manufacturing Business

Naphthalene balls are white colored tablets, which are used in hot clothes in homes and in bathrooms, toilets, etc. These white tablets, which are used in our homes daily, are also called phenyl tablets, but the truth is that it is a special tablet made from naphthalene powder rather than solid phenyl pill. Which works to kill bacteria and remove odor.

Naphthalene Balls

It is a very low cost starting business, whose market potential is also good. We are going to give you complete information related to this trade through this article, which can prove useful for the theory experience before starting your business.

Document for Naphthalene Balls Manufacturing Business

Before starting any business, it is very important that you complete the legal proceedings related to it. And due to the presence of naphthalene and various toxic substances in this business, starting it makes it mandatory for you to get the registration related to it. Documents required for registration of this trade are as follows:

For this trade you will first have to get a No Objection Certificate from the Pollution Control Board.

To start this business, you have to register your business under MSME.

Apart from this, you also have to get a license from your local municipal corporation.

You will also have to get a GST number for your business and also open a bank account in the name of your company.

Apart from all these, if you want to get a quality certificate for your business, then you have to take BIS certificate IS: 589- 1974 Naphthalene.

Raw Material Required Naphthalene Balls –

The most important raw material for you at the beginning of this business will be naphthalene powder, which costs Rs 150 a kg. Apart from this, you will need oil, camphor, wax and soft stone etc. for this. Apart from these raw materials, you will also need this ball making machine and packing material.

Location for Business –

Because naphthalene ball making machine does not come very big, so you can start this business from less space. You will have enough space of about 50 square meters for this. But due to the use of various chemicals in making it, you can start it a short distance from the city rather than starting it in the resident area.

Naphthalene Balls Making Machine and equipment used for making naphthalene balls

It is also possible to make naphthalene balls with the help of any machine, but nowadays machines are also used to make it for better and quicker production. With the help of machine, more number of production is possible in a day. Its machine is fully automated and the person who operates it also does not need any separate training. For the operation of the machine, it is told by the machine seller that when you sell the machine, how to run it, which is enough for its operation.

Naphthalene ball making machine price

If you are starting a business of making naphthalene balls and you want to buy a machine for this, then you will get this machine starting from 50 thousand rupees and up to 1.5 lakhs, which will perform according to your expectation. But if the scale of your business is very large and you want more production in a short time and you have the ability to invest more, then there are many types of machinery available in the market for you, the price of which increases according to its performance. .

Where to buy machine

By the way, you can buy this machine from different places, we are giving you some websites here for your convenience, through these websites you can get the right price of these machines, their vendor address and phone number and other complete information easily. will do.
Naphthalene Balls Making Process –

As we have already told you that you can make naphthalene balls both by machine and without machine, so we will tell you about both the procedures for making it here. It will be completely up to you what process you choose to make these balls.

Machine made naphthalene balls –
For this, first you have to put the powder of naphthalene used for manufacture in the vessel given in the machine.
Now the temperature of this machine is maintained at 88 ° C.
Now when the powder of naphthalene is completely melted, you have to mix the mixture well by adding camphor, wax etc. in it.
Now when this mixture is ready, you have to pour this fluid into a container shaped like a aluminum-made balls.
Now when this liquid cools down completely, you can take out the prepared balls from it. And now you will need to make the right packing to supply these balls in the market.

The process of making naphthalene balls without machine –

To make naphthalene balls without a machine, you have to first take a thick clap pot and then put oil in this pot and keep it hot on the flame.

Now when the oil in it becomes hot, you have to add paraffin wax to it and keep stirring it continuously.

Now when this wax melts, you have to grind it with soft stone and camphor. Now you have to keep stirring it continuously and in this way it is fully prepared.

If you want to make balls of naphthalene of different colors, then you can also use different colors in it.

Now after 15 minutes of removing this mixture from the heat, you have to pour it in aluminum mold and after 24 hours you can get these balls from them.

Investment and profit

Because we are talking about business at a very small level here, we are giving you the idea of ​​minimum money to start this industry here, if you start your industry on a large scale, then naturally your cost And both profits will increase.

If you take 1.5 lakh machinery from the market for your business, then apart from this, you can start this business for about 3 lakhs, including raw materials, place expenses, electricity expenses, manpower expenses and other packing related expenses. . And from this business you can earn a profit of about 30 to 40 thousand a month, but for this you will have to market your business properly.

Hire Staff and Required Skills –

For a small scale industry, you do not need much workers. Because your machine is automated, you only need one machine operator and one person for packing. Apart from this, you can supervise your business yourself. In this business, a person is not required to take any other training to run a machine. The training machine required for this is provided by the vendor company at the time of sale.

Potentiality of Naphthalene Balls Manufacturing Business –

Naphthalene ball is a bacterial resistant, it is widely used for cleaning in urban areas. Nowadays due to the increasing awareness of people for cleaning, it is also being used more. This naphthalene marigold automatically evaporates in the air after some time, so its demand is going to remain in the market forever. Apart from this, it is also used in hospitals, big clothes shops etc. In this way there is a lot of potential in the market for this industry, from which you can make profit.

Few easy tips for marketing in advertising for this business

When you are packing naphthalene balls, you can print your industry name by printing it, so that people will know about your industry.
You can contact direct big hospitals and clothes shops, here it is possible to have more sales together.
Nowadays, the central government is also working to build pucca toilets in villages, if you want, you can spread awareness about your product by going to your nearby villages. With which you will get a new market here.
Selling your product at a lower price than other companies available in the market can also be an effective way of marketing for you.
Naphthalene ball making business is a very good business to start at a very low cost. But you will need complete market research and a lot of hard work to run it. You can get other similar business ideas from our site and also you can book-mark our site for similar articles in the coming time.

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