How to start Kadaknath Chicken Poultry Farming Business?

Kadaknath Chicken Poultry Farming Business, benefits

Kadaknath chicken/ Kalimasi chicken/ Fowl having black flesh is a indian breed of chicken having black skin and meat. Mostly these are found in Jhabua district of Madhya Pradesh.This chicken is much testier than other native chicken and also contain high amount of protein. Researcher has revealed that it has very low cholesterol, less fat and high amino acid.

Due to above qualities it has a lot of demand in market. Meat  and Eggs of this breed are sold and bought in market at very high prices.

Therefore you can earn lots of money by opening Kadaknath breed chicken poutry farm.

Many government schemes are also running in our country to promote these type of business, which means government is providing subsidies and many kinds of help to this business.

Kadaknath Chicken Breed Facts

The colour of flesh, egg, body, blood all are in black but contains high protein and less fat. Due to their high nutritious value its demand is high in market and is beneficial for both heart and diabetic pateint.

There are only three such breeds of chicken found in the world which are black in color and one of these breeds is Kadaknath chicken which is found in india while other two black chickrn name is Silky found in China and Ayyam Cemani found in Indonesia.

There are many poultry farms running in the states of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Tamil Nadu and Kerala since there are high demand of chicken in these states.

Benefits of Kadaknath poultry farming business

Kadaknath poultry farming business will be very profitable for you due to its high demand and high price. Its demand is very high due to its test and other health benefits & qualities as low cholesterol, low fat and high protein. Therefore more people like to eat this chicken.

You will be very benefitted to do this business since not only  egg meats are also sold at very high price. And very few people are doing this business that means competition is also less. Therefore you will be able to sell poultry eggs and their meat at higher price.

Price of Kadaknath Chicken and egg

Eggs of Kadaknath chicken are sold in the market for Rs.40 to 50, which is very high price.

While the price of this breed’s chicken meat is approx Rs.1000 to 1200 per kg.

Information about Kadaknath Chicken Breed Facts –

Average egg weight                         :     45 to 50 grams

Feed Essentials                                :     50 kg for the entire life cycle

Male kadaknath chicken weight          :    2.3 to 2.6 kg

Female Kadaknath Chicken Weight     :     1.5 to 1.7 kg

Kadaknath chicken weight                 :     25 to 30 grams

Flesh color                                       :     The arm

Kadaknath egg color                         :     Brown

Meat prices                                      :     Rs 1000  to 1200 per kg

Egg price                                         :     40 to 50 rupees


Information about poultry farming business

Before opening Kadaknath chicken poultry farm, you should get full knowledge about local market condition and nearby poultry farms. And collect complete data about how to open and trade poultry farms.

There are two types of poultry farming business.

Different breeds of chickens have developed for different purposes. You can place them in generally three category – laying, broilers i.e meat producing and dual purposes.

In laying eggs are given chicken which are sold in market. There are some popular laying breeds as White Leghorn, Red Sex Link and Black Sex Link breeds. A healthy hen will lay for several years and one hen begun to lay at the age of 16 to 20 weeks which can lay 20-23 dozen in the first year. At the age of 14 months usually hens begun to molt, under this process hen drops their old feathers and grow new ones and no eggs are lying in this period. After molting process hen gives less egg but larger in size it gives generally 16 to 18 dozens.

In broiler farming chickens are grown and their meat are sold. Meat producing chickens are larger in size than laying breeds. It rapidly increase and grow to wt 5 pound or more in eight weeks.

while in dual category is a classic backyard chicken.These breeds are fairly larged and self relient bodies. Some laying and dual-purpose hens tend to get broody, which means they will want to sit on and hatch eggs. So you need to consult any poultry expert who can help you to choose right breed.

How to Start Kadaknath Chicken Poultry Farming Business

To start a Kadaknath chicken farming business, you need to select proper place and other arrangements to keep Kadaknath chicken. After selecting the location, you will have to buy Kadaknath breed chicken.

Where to buy and how many numbers to buy Kadaknath Chicken

You can buy Kadaknath breed chicken from your nearest animal husbandry or any veterinary university. Also online

By visiting this link, chicken of this breed can also be purchased.

To start this trade you will need at least thirty chicken. However, if your budget is a bit higher then you can buy more chicken.

Price of Kadaknath Chicken

The price of Kadaknath chicken depends on their weight and age. Therefore if the chicken is over weight then the price will be more and if weight will be less the price will be less.

Buy only healthy chicken

The benefit of doing this business is only when you buy healthy Kadaknath chicken and to buy healthy chicken, you should know how to know about the health of the chicken.

How to check chicken health

A healthy chicken loves to jump and eat, so if the Kadaknath chicken you are buying does not have this quality, then you should not buy it.

The second quality that is in a healthy chicken is its voice, the chicken that chews fast are very healthy. On the other hand, the chicken whose voice is very low, they fall in the category of unhealthy. Along with this, the chicken which is not able to walk properly with other chicken are also considered in the category of unhealthy chicken.

Chicken vaccination will be done from time to time.

If any one of the chicken present in your farm gets a disease, then the other chicken present in your farm is also at risk of getting that disease. Being sick of chicken means that your business will stop. So you have to get every chicken vaccinated from time to time. So that they can be kept away from all types of diseases.

If any chicken kept in your farm gets sick, then immediately separate that chicken from the other chicken in your farm and treat it with the vet.

Place Required for farm Opening

To do the Kadaknath chicken farming business, you will need open space. So you have to rent an open space.

The chicken you have purchased will be placed at the place you choose. Therefore, you should build a wooden house to keep chickens and chickens at this place. Apart from this, you will also have to make a place to keep the grains or fodder given to them.

Poultry farms open slightly away from the city

To open the poultry farm, try the place you choose, which is a little away from the city. Because to open a poultry farm you need a lot of open space and if you bring this place in the city then it will cost you dearly. With this, labor in the city will also be more expensive. Therefore, if you open a poultry farm away from the city, it will be better.

People will have to choose

To start Kadaknath chicken farming, you will have to hire many employees.

The task of these people will be to look after the existing chicken in your farm and give them food from time to time, as well as take care of their cleanliness.

Only those who have experience in poultry farm business should be hired, because chicken is not an easy task to maintain and it is very difficult to handle.

Create your own logo

You will also have to get the logo of your poultry farm and if possible, include the picture of Kadaknath chicken in the logo of your poultry farm. So that people will know by seeing the logo of your poultry farm that you sell chicken eggs and meat of Kadnath breed.

Where to get people made

You can get your company logo from any company designing logo in your city. Or you can design your own Kadaknath Chicken Poultry Farm logo by downloading logo designing software.


If you think that you will need less investment to open Kadaknath Chicken Poultry Farm, then it is not so. To open a poultry farm, you have to buy a variety of items such as feeders, drinkers, perches, lighting systems, incubators, heaters or brooders. Apart from this, you have to pay other expenses including the rent of the place, labor salary, chicken vaccine. Therefore, in order to do this business, your financial position should be good.

Loans and Subsidies

If your financial position is not good enough, then you can take a loan to do this business.

Many nationalized banks are working to encourage people to establish poultry farming business in India. And to those people who are starting poultry farming business, these banks are providing loans at low interest. Therefore, you can take a loan from these banks at low interest rates.

A new scheme called Poultry Venture Capital Fund Scheme (PVCF) has also been started by the Government of India. With the help of this scheme, people are given subsidy to set up poultry farming business. Therefore, you can also take benefits available under this scheme.


After opening the Kadaknath chicken poultry farm, you will also have to market this poultry farm. With the help of marketing, people will be able to get information about this business and your business will be promoted.

To do marketing properly, you have to make a marketing plan of your business and to make this plan you will have to do market research. With the help of marketing research, you will get the best marketing methods to grow your business and you will get to know who your target audience is, where your Kadaknath chicken is in high demand and how you can get your Kadaknath chicken. Can promote.

Choose the right promotion for the promotion

Promotion is very important for any business and only through promotion people get to know about your things. Therefore, you will also have to pay attention to the promotion of your Kadaknath Chicken Poultry Farm.

Promotion is also done in many ways, such as many merchants promoting their product through TVAid, while some merchants promote through print aid. Therefore, you also have to decide whether you want to promote through TV that you want to promote through print aid. However, there is a significant cost in promoting through these two mediums.

Cheap promotion option

It is not necessary that you choose expensive promotion options like TV and print media to promote your poultry farm. If you want, you can go face to face and meet the officials of non-vegetarian restaurants or those people, who work to buy meat and eggs. By meeting these people, you can give them information about your poultry farm and do business with them.

However, before meeting these people, you must also make a business card, so that whenever these people want to buy meat or eggs from you, they can contact you through the card given by you.

Make your business website online

If your budget is a bit high, then you can do this business through online and you can do it by creating your website.

Nowadays most of the merchants are doing business through online, because more people can be reached in less time through online.

By doing business through online, no other party (wholesaler and retailer) has a role, which means that you do not have to share your profits with anyone.

With your website online, people can buy eggs or meat you are selling directly from there. At the same time, after getting the order of the people, you have to bring their ordered goods to them.

If you do not want to create your own website, then you can sell your goods through other shopping websites as well. However, you will also be charged a small commission by the website through which you sell your goods.

Poultry Farming Business Plan

Before starting the Kadaknath chicken poultry farming business, you will also have to prepare a plan related to this business and in this plan you will know how to do the Kadaknath chicken poultry farming business, how it is done, the disadvantages associated with this business. , The benefits and by whom people buy Kadaknath chicken, all this has to be written. Remember that the foundation of starting any business is the business plan associated with it. Therefore, you will have to make your business plan in the right way under any circumstances.

How to make a business plan

To make any business plan, research has to be done related to that business. With the help of research you can know that that business can be done in some way.

You will also have to do research to prepare a business plan related to Kadaknath chicken poultry farming business. To do this, you can go to a poultry farm and meet people who work there and do research related to this business, or you can do your research by reading books written on the poultry farm business.

Meat extraction process

Once the Kadaknath chicken kept in your poultry farm develops well, you can kill them and remove their meat.

It takes 105 to 115 days to develop Kadaknath chicken. In this time range, their weight increases from .25 to 1.75 kg.

Removing meat is not an easy task, so you should only give responsibility to those people who have experience in how meat is extracted.

After removing the meat, the meat has to be cleaned thoroughly and then it has to be chopped well. After cutting, you have to pack this meat and keep it in the fridge, so that it does not spoil.

In this way, this meat is ready to be sold in the shop and you can sell it whenever you want. However, you should try not to store the meat in the fridge for a long time, because it changes its taste due to the meat being stored in the fridge for more days.

Process of laying and sorting of eggs

You have to keep the eggs given by the Kadaknath chicken separately according to their quality and color. Because the quality of eggs is good, you get good prices for them. At the same time, eggs which are not of good quality are bought at a lower price.

How to know about the quality and range of eggs

In every country eggs are graded according to their quality. Similarly, in our country also eggs are divided into ‘A’ and ‘B’ grade based on their quality.

Within the grade of A grade, there are four types, which are A XL, A Large, A Medium and A Small. Similarly, there are four categories within the B grade, which are B XL, B Large, B Medium and B Small.

Eggs sold in the market are sold under these categories, the eggs which fall in the A category are higher than those of eggs in the B category.

By visiting the URL given below, you will get information about the basis on which eggs are divided into categories.


You will need envelopes and trays to pack chicken and chicken meat and eggs. So you have to meet the seller selling the envelopes and buy them.

If possible, while purchasing the envelopes, you should get the name and logo of your Kadaknath Chicken Poultry Farm printed on these envelopes. Because by doing this your business will get promoted and people who buy them will be able to know from which place this chicken meat has come.

Apart from packing the meat in envelopes, you have to pay special attention to the packaging of eggs. Because eggs are something that breaks easily. Therefore you will need a tray of paper to pack them and you can buy these trays from any trader selling merchant.

Registration process for poultry farming business

Before opening Kadaknath Chicken Poultry Farm, you should get your poultry farm registered under the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises. By registering the poultry farm, you will get an Udyog Aadhar card and with the help of this card you will be able to take advantage of the ongoing schemes to promote poultry farming on behalf of the government.

Other important information related to Kadaknath Chicken Poultry Farming-

It is very important to give the chicken food on time, because if they are not given the food at the right time, then their development is not possible. And their non-development means loss to your business.

You can make your own food instead of buying it from the market. Because if you take fodder from the market, it will cost you dearly, whereas if you make the fodder by yourself, you may find it a little cheaper.

According to the age of the chicken, they are given food and water. Therefore, you also have to take care that do not give too much to the young chicken. Because by doing so, their health can get worse. At the same time, if you give less food to the older chicken, then they will not develop.

You also have to keep an account of how many chicken are in your farm from time to time. Because the number of chicken in your farm keeps increasing due to the laying of chickens, so if you do not keep an account of this thing then you will have problems going forward.

The number of chicken of Kadaknath breed is very less in our country, so opening a poultry farm of Kadaknath chicken will prove very beneficial. Also, if you follow the information given above correctly, then you can establish your poultry farm well and earn profits in a short time.

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