How To Start Eraser Making Business…

How To Start Eraser Making Business 

Doing business is always beneficial, through trading you can earn a lot of money and can also provide employment to people. Before doing any business, it is very important to have all the information related to that business so that you can make your business successful. In our last article, we have told you the business of making school uniforms and the business of making black board chalk. Today we are going to give you information about the business of making eraser eraser so that you can do this business successfully and become a successful businessman.

Eraser Uses

Erasing rubber is used extensively by children and its demand is also high. This type of rubber is also widely used in college students and many types of offices.

Raw Materials Price Details

The primary thing which is most important in making an eraser is rubber and in this trade two types of rubbers can be used. One of which is Natural Rubber and the other is Synthetic Rubber. Petroleum products such as ethylene and styrene are used to make synthetic rubber. At the same time, natural rubber is obtained from latex originating from rubber tree.

Place and Price Details of Rubber and Where to Buy Rubber

It is difficult to say exact price of Rubber since  price is changing with time so price do not remain the same. You can buy online from India mart and some link is also given below to purchase.

Information on other ingredients –

Organic Dyes –

Eraser is available in the market of different colour which is coloured with the help of organic dyes. There are Titanium, Zinc and Iron Oxides are organic type of dyes.


Sulfur  is also used to make erasers. The eraser is vulcanized with the help of sulfur. The eraser is strengthened with the help of vulcanized, and heat and sulfur are used to make the eraser stronger, making the eraser more durable and resistant to heat.

Where to buy sulfur

You can buy sulfur from any chemical selling shop or you can order it online through 120 grams of sulfur comes to 300 rupees. On the other hand, if you buy it in large quantities, then you find it a little cheaper.

Vegetable Oil
Vegetable oil is also used to make erasers. Actually, the eraser is softened and shaped using it. Many types of vegetable oils are available in the market, whose prices start from a hundred rupees.

To make an eraser, you will also need substances like Abrasive, Lithophone and Factice. These chemicals are also used to make erasers.

Eraser Making Machine

Automatic machines are used to make the eraser and these machines are easy to find. You can also buy eraser making machine online. If you want to take these machines online, then you have to go to this link.

Eraser Making Machine Price

The price of the machine depends on the kind of machine you are buying, meaning if you carry a machine with more eraser capacity, then it will cost you up to 10 lakhs. At the same time, a low capacity machine will make you a little cheaper.

The Manufacturing Process in Eraser
Before making an eraser, you have to decide whether you want to make an eraser with natural rubber or you want to use synthetic rubber. There is no difference between these two types of rubber. Therefore, you can use any of these types of rubber.

At the same time, after deciding which rubber you will use, you should buy that type of rubber. But when you take synthetic rubber, you get it like powder. At the same time, natural rubber is not available in powder form. Therefore, first of all you have to make natural rubber which comes in lumps like powder.

You must first mix all the chemicals mentioned above in rubber powder. After mixing these ingredients well, you will have to melt these materials with the help of machine. This mixture will become slightly soft and solid after melting. After which you will have to shape this mixture into an eraser with the help of machine and your eraser will be ready.

How to Packing Eraser (Packaging and Labeling)

After making the eraser, the next most important thing is to be panning them. Often the eraser is packaged in two ways, one type of packing is covered with polythene on the eraser and the other type of packing involves paper or cardboard. Out of these two types of packing, you have to choose one type of packing for your rubber.

Apart from this, you will also need cardboard boxes to pack these erasers. You will have to get these cardboard boxes made from the merchant who makes the boxes. Apart from this, if you can, write your company name on these boxes. Because doing so will also promote your company.

Place selection

To establish this business of eraser, you will need at least 600 to 1000 acres of space. The size of the place depends on the level or level at which you are starting this business. If you are starting this business from a machine, then you will not have to take much bigger space.

How much to keep your eraser price

Prices of erasers found in the market start from 1 rupee. Therefore, you should also keep your eraser prices close to the prices of erasers available in the market.
If possible, initially keep the price of your eraser below the prices of erasers available in the market. Because by doing this your eraser can get more sales.
At the same time, once your business starts running well, you can increase the price of your eraser.
Can start more business with this business

Rubber is such a thing that is used to make many kinds of things. So if you want, after setting up your eraser business well, you can start other rubber related business too. For example, you can also make those pencils which have rubber on the back. Apart from this, you can also start trading of rubber stamps.

Business Registration and License Process

Even at a small level, if you start your business, you are still required to enroll your business. You get the benefit of many types of government schemes by getting your business enrolled. The second most important job after the company is enrolled is to get a license for its business. There are many trades which require a license and in the erasing rubber business, you also need a license. You will get this license from the local authority of your state.

Promotion And Marketing

Many companies currently work in making erasers in the market and these company’s erasers are sold well. In such a situation, you will have to resort to promotion to compete with these companies.

With the help of promotion, your company will be promoted and people will get information about the eraser of your company. Which will increase the sales of your eraser.

How to Promote

Small Scale Marketing
You can also promote your eraser from the small level, under the small level you can give information about your eraser in the local news paper. Apart from this, if you want, you can give some samples of your eraser to the children in the schools of your city for free. So that children can get information about the eraser of your company and children buy your eraser from the market.

Large Scale Marketing
You may have to spend a little more to promote a larger level. You can give your company’s ad on TV channels to promote in a big way. This method of publicity costs a lot of money. Therefore, you should adopt this promotional method only when your business is well established.

Selection of people

To do the business of eraser you have to hire some employees. If you are starting the eraser business from a small level, then you will need 8 to 12 people. At the same time, this number will double in a big way. Try that you hire people who have a little understanding of this business.

Training will have to be taken

Before starting this business, you should take training of how the eraser is made and only then start this business. At the same time, when you start this business, you will have to get your employees trained to run the machine. So that they can do their work properly without any problem.

Business Start Up Costs

If you do eraser business at a small level, then you will need at least 5 lakh to 8 lakh. At the same time, to start the business of eraser on a large scale, you will need more than 10 lakh rupees.

Can also take loan

If you do not have the money to start the eraser business, you can also choose the loan option. You can take a loan from private or any government banks. If you take a loan from a private bank, then you get the loan quickly but the loan interest rates of private banks are much higher. At the same time, it takes a lot of time to get a loan from a government bank. But the loan interest rates of public sector banks are much lower than those of private banks. So before taking a loan, you should decide which bank you want to take a loan from.

Conclusion- You should start the business of making eraser only when you have a good understanding of this business. You may face some difficulties in starting this business. But if you work carefully then you can get a lot of success in this business.


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