How to start broom making business?

Start broom making business

Hello friends, we all are aware of the importance of broom in our daily life. Broom is mainly used to clean house. The broom has its own importance in our country according to belief in India the broom is a form of a goddess Lakshmi.

But the broom is comes in such a category of products whose demand is very high not only in India but also in other countries. There are different types of brooms are available in the market as per their uses in inner and outer portion of house.

Due to its high demand in the market broom making business can be a very profitable business ideas. So you should start this business. In broom making business there is very good opportunity of earning huge in less investment. Then let us know how to start broom making business.

Selection of place to start business

First of all you will have to select proper place to start business, since there is need some vacant rooms where you can store raw materials and finished products and for making broom you need some extra space. If you have two vacant room then you can start business from home also.

Requirement of raw materials for making broom :

Following raw materials are required in making broom.

  • Weeds required to make broom
  • Required thin strip of steel or iron to hold broom sticks together
  • Packaging materials required for packing after making broom

Required machinery for making broom

Normally you will require man power to make broom but if you want to save your time then you can buy Broom Cutter machine. With the help of machine you can make more broom in less time.

Process of making broom

There are many types of broom available in the market, as per design of broom you will have to decide the materials to be used in making broom.

  • First of all collect all sticks together
  • Then after keep aside the number of sticks to be used in making broom.
  • Now you have to stuff  all sticks in plastic or handle cap of making broom.
  • Use thin strip of  steel or iron to hold broom sticks together.
  • Then on the top part tie with thin thread tightly with a good method and strength.
  • Now yoy broom is ready to sale in the market.

How to do packaging of broom

After making broom you need to do a better packaging for better sale. For better packaging follow these steps.

  • First of all you need to take a plastic polythene, polythene should be so thin that there is only space to insert broom in it.
  • You need to take polythene of conical and long shape.
  • There is need to print company name and logo on this packing polythene.
  • You need to fill broom in this polythene to sale in the market.

How much will it cost to make broom

If you think there is a very high investment  in broom making  business. Then you are wrong, there is very less investment in broom making business. This business can be started with investment of rupees of 15 to 20 thousand only.

How much profit can be made from broom making business

If your business runs to some extent in initial period then you can begun to earn approx 40000 rupees per month. And if your business became big and your products selling become fast the you can earn in lakhs per month.


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