How to Start a Salt Business

Salt business

Salt is an important element of our life not only in terms of taste but also in terms of health, which is used in food as well as in chemical industries. The most prominent use of salt is as a feedstock for the production of industrial chemicals. That’s why nowadays salt business is doing on a very large scale.

According to the report, the global salt market was valued at around US$28 billion by 2019 and the global salt market is projected to reach a value of over US$32 billion by 2025.

China, the United States and India are the top three countries in salt production, which together produced a total of 130 million metric tonnes of salt in 2019.

Gujarat is the largest producer of salt in India, which alone produces 71% of the salt. After Gujarat, Rajasthan produces 17% and Tamil Nadu 11%. The production of salt in the rest of the country is only 1%.

The salt business are doing on large in India and the chances of being successful in it are also very high. So if you want, you can also start your own small Salt Wholesale Business and earn good money.

What is the wholesale business of salt?

Salt Wholesale Business: – Buying salt in wholesale from Gujarat and Rajasthan and to sale in retail after packing is a popular wholesale business. And if you want, you can also sell them under your own brand name. There is no need for much investment in this business and you can start this business with little money and earn good money.

Types of Wholesale Salt Business

Types of Salt Business :- There is a three ways to do salt business like;-

The first way is, you can start production of salt by setting up your own processing unit and you can sell it in the market after doing complete processing with your own brand name.

Another way is that you can start your business by taking the agency of a well-known big company.

The third way is that you can buy salt directly from the wholesaler or processing unit at a very cheap price and pack it yourself and sell it in the market.

Requirements for Salt Business

Requirements for Salt Wholesale Business:- Many things are needed to start this business but the requirements depend on the size of the business because if you start this business from home then not much things are required, But if you do it on a large scale, then the requirements also increase.

Shop and Godown
Electricity and water facility
gst number

Documents Required for Salt Wholesale Business

ID Proof :- Aadhaar Card , Pan Card , Voter Card
Address Proof :- Ration Card, Electricity Bill,
Bank Account With Passbook
Photograph Email ID , Phone Number ,
Other Documents

Business Document (PD)

First you have to register the company with the trademark
After that you will get FSSAI license and a GST No. will have to take
You have to get MSME registration done.
Where to buy salt?
You will get cheap salt from the Gulf of kabz in Gujarat
You will find Sanstha Salt in the Sambhar district of Rajasthan.
You will find the institution salt in Mandi district of Himachal Pradesh, from all these places you can buy salt at a very cheap price.
Salt’s Profit Within Wholesale Business

It is sold in two small packets of salt, one 500 gm packet and 1kg packet, its manufacturing and packaging marketing and transport cost comes in between ₹ 4 to ₹ 5, its profit margin ranges from 60% to 50. up to %

Marketing of Salt

Marketing of Wholesale Salt Business :- Marketing is also needed for any business, the best way to market is to run ads on local TV for publicity. Add in the paper. Get a nice pamphlet printed on color paper and distribute it in the city. There are many ways in which marketing can be done, salesmen can also be kept throughout the shop.


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