How to Start a Mug Printing Business

 Mug Printing Business

The 21st century is the period of fashion. In this era, people want to make everything they are using stylish. Due to this, some such businesses have also emerged, which are completely based on fashion and can be started with very little money. Many new fashions such as T-shirt printing, mobile sack cover printing, printed mugs etc. are very much in trend these days.

Here is shown how to start the business of printed mugs. Many times it is often seen in cinema, TV shows that mugs used for scenes are printed and made stylish. Therefore, many people use printed mugs to promote their house, company or gifts. Therefore, the business of printed mugs is going on very well nowadays, which you can start very easily and make a good profit. All the special information related to this business is being provided here.

Required Raw Materials for Mug Printing

This work mainly requires two raw materials, one of which is the sublimation mug and the other is the sublimation paper. In addition, printing paper and sublimation tape are required.

 Raw material price for mug printing

Sublimation Mug: Rs 75 per mug
Sublimation paper: Rs 230 per 20 pieces
Printing Paper: Rs 330
Sublimation tape: Rs 300 (20 mm)
Mug Printing Machine

You must have the following things for this work.

A computer that features coral draw and photoshop.

A printer that allows you to print out.

It is also necessary to have a high-speed internet connection, so that you can get various designs through surfing with its help.

The mug printing machine is required for mug printing once the design printout is out.

Machinery Price for Printing

Sublimation Printer: Rs 30,000
Mug Printing Machine: Rs 5,000

Where to buy Mug Printing Raw Materials and Machines

To buy raw material and mug printing machine online you can visit this website:

Mug printing process

To print a mug, the first print design is designed on the computer. While designing the computer, it has to take care of its size, which is 203/85 mm for any mug.
Design is required to be made with the help of coral draw or photoshop and save in JPEG format.

This JPEG file needs to be printed with the help of a sublimation printer. However, its print can also be removed from common printers. Note that this mirrors the print image, so that it can be printed directly on the mug.
After this, the process of mug printing starts. The mug printing machine is left to heat up at this time. This machine is heated to a temperature of about 330 degrees, for which electricity is used.
When the machine is heating on one side, cut the printed design properly and attach it to the mug with the help of sublimation tape. After this the mug is put inside the machine printing and the timing is set.
After this, take out the cup from the machine and remove the sublimation tape, then your design will appear printed on the mug.

Mug Printing Business Profitable

The printing cast of a mug is only 2 rupees. So the cost of printing cast and sublimation cups of 2 rupees is Rs 75, that is, a mug costs a total of Rs 77. This cup can be sold very easily on the market for Rs 299 and a profit of about 200 rupees per cup can be found.

Mug Printing Time

A mug needs 2 to 3 minutes to print. Within two to three minutes, your design goes on the mug. There is a facility to set this timing in the printing machine, after which the alarm starts ringing in the machine.

Total expenses for Mug Printing Business

The total cost of setting up this business is up to Rs 25,000. With this much money, you will be able to set up your personal business by purchasing the machine.

Place for Mug Printing Business

200 square feet of space is enough to establish this business and collect stock of ready made.

Mug Printing Business Marketing

The biggest marketing field of this business is online marketing. You can design such mugs very easily and sell them on Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, Snap Deal etc. with the help of e-commerce website. Apart from this, there are many fancy markets in cities, where you can sell your product as wholesale. You can also sell it in wholesale in the gift shop. In this way, its business is going on with very good success in many places, with the help of which you can also start your own business.

Printed Mug Packaging

After the mug is printed, it needs to be packed well. First of all, you have to make small cartons of some cartoons, which are of cup size. You can put the printed cup in it. If you want to make your packaging stylish, then you can prepare the mug related design on this cartoon packet.

Mug Printing Business License

It is necessary to be legally alert to start and run any kind of business. This will not disrupt your business in any way. You can register the place from which you want to do business under MSME, Government of India. For this, you will need an Aadhaar card and you can also get it online. If the business starts running well then get a bank account and PAN card made in the name of your firm.

In this way this business can be started with very little space and a reasonable cost, which is a long lasting and better profit making business.

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