How to Start a Food Truck Business

Food Truck Business Plan

Friends, if you want to open food related business, then food truck business can be a very good option as compared to restaurant. Because there is no need of space and large staff. In this business most important things to be keep in mind that whatever dish you want to sell, its taste should be good.

The biggest advantage of starting this business is that  you can easily move your entire food truck setup from one place to another. And in the coming time it will dominate the whole world.

What is food truck business, Food truck business in India

In a movable  large vehicle, the system of making and selling food items is called food truck business. In this trade, all the ingredients for making a food item and all accessories and cooks are present inside the truck.  Over the last few years the food truck business has been became very popular and liked by the people very much.

The main reason for this popularity is the manufacture of a variety of delicious foods, such as sandwiches, hamburgers, French fries, and other regional fast foods. In this type of business, you can easily change your location,  if you find your business is running low in any area , then you can easily shift your business to another place.

Tips for food truck business

1. Why should start a food truck business

Currently  food truck business is very profitable and trending at the moment since most of the people prefer to go food truck instead of the restaurant.  Apart from this, there has been not seen decline in this business therefore it quite safe as well as profitable and progressive business.

2. You can start with low investment

You can start this business with low investment, but only you have to buy  a a car or truck .  In place of new car or truck you can also buy old car or truck at less money.

3. Saving money for emergency purpose

For this business you need to save some money for emergency purpose since any kind of equipment problem can happen at any time, so you should have some money that can be used in emergency.

4. Be prepared for long work

You should be prepared that at what time you will start selling food, because before that you need to pay special attention to cleanliness, management and ordering.

Types of truck food business

According to business

According to business perspective, it is divided into four parts, Sole Ownership, Partnership, Corporation, Limited Liability Company. From which you should choose self-ownership or partnership.

Based on food product

First  you have to select what type of food truck business you want to do. For example pizza truck food, dosa corner, ice cream truck, etc.

Naming food truck

Once you select the kind of food product you want to sell, then you can give the name of your truck food business accordingly. Your business name should be unique and attractive.

In today’s market beside quality and price, brand also plays a very important role therefore it is very important to have a different name for your business.

How to choose a  place for food truck business

Selection of legal place for food truck business

First you have to find out place where the government has allowed the food truck to trade at the place and where you are going to carry your food truck and do business.

It is important to keep in mind  that the government does not allow in some places food trucks to trade . Therefore, find out such places beforehand.

Right place for food truck business

You need to choose right place where there is a large number of customers, however you can change place of business as needed.

You need to also keep in mind that your competition is directly from restaurants and hotels. Therefore, they will not allow your truck to be parked near by him. So choose the location to keep these things in mind.

Selection of vehicle for food truck business 

For the food truck business, it is most important to choose vehicle, there are different types of vehicles available in the market out of which you can choose any one according to your business. Before selecting the vehicle, keep in mind that there should be sufficient space inside the vehicle and the vehicle should also have the capacity to carry goods.

Useful tool for setting up food truck business

Buy the useful equipment for food trucks depending on the type of food you serve. Apart from this, you need to buy also as per how you make your food products.

Basic equipment for food truck business

1.Truck or other vehicle

Any car or truck type vehicle is the first basic requirement for this business. but before to buy any vehicle you should keep in mind there should be sufficient space as per demand of your business.

2.Stoves and Grills

You will required stoves to cook foods, therefore you can buy stoves and grills as per level of your business. The grills are used to keep on the stove while cooking. In particular, oven, frying foods and bread are used to cook with the help of mesh. For example, one can buy 6-burner stove, 4-burner + oven, 4-burner + griddle + two oven as per their requirement. However, many types of stoves and grills are available, so buy only stoves and grills that are useful for your food product.

3.Flat Top Grill

Flat top grill equipment is used to cook ‘hamburgers, patties, toast buns, eggs, potatoes’ and some special items. To buy this equipment, a capital of around 60 thousand rupees is required. Some people also use a warmer instead of a stove to make burgers, because it is necessary to cook the bail bread used in the burger on low heat.

4.Fridge or freezer

You must have a fridge or freezer for your food truck business. Its price starts from 10 thousand. Balance depends on you which level of refrigerator or freezer you want to buy.

5.Work Tables

A work table is required by your cook when preparing the dish. Because the dish is prepared by placing it on the work table. In the dish on the work table, cutting and setting useful vegetables and other things are done. Work tables are mostly made of stainless steel, but some people also use tables made of maple wood.

6.Sink and Dishwashing Equipment

Keeping cleanliness in the truck is very important and primary duty. Because in making food related products, special attention is also given to health. For this, you have to buy one of the three types of equipment, such as hand sink and side splashing, you can buy any of the standard 3-tier compartment sinks.

7.Fryer and Smoker

Many times people use fryer to fry some special food products in low heat, for which standard single fryer with two baskets, deep fryer, donut fryer are used. Many restaurants also use ‘restaurant box smoker’ at this time, from which some special tasty foods are made.

8.Food Truck Service Window

You have to have a window constructed in your vehicle, so that you can take orders from customers and after completion of the order, you can easily give food products to the customer.

Other cooking equipment for food trucks

For the kitchen too, you will have to take embroidery, spoons, knives, utensils, which you will be able to use while preparing the food items. Along with this, you will need a gas cylinder, the reason behind which is the flammability of the gas and the quick performance.

Where to buy food truck in India

If you want to buy food trucks made directly, then you can go to this website or Can choose a food truck. If you want, you can also design a food truck by yourself, but for that you will have to buy an equipment separately. However, you can get these equipment both online and offline.

Food truck price range in india 

To build a good food truck, you will have to spend at least 1 lakh, apart from the cost of buying a vehicle separately. Whereas if you buy readymade food truck, then you may have to bear the cost of Rs 2 lakh to Rs 10 lakh.

License for food truck business in India

Before you start running your business, it is very important for you to get its license. For a food truck, you will first need a food-related license or a Shop and Establishment license from the FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority).

After obtaining the food license, you will have to go to the RTO of your city and get a vehicle license for your food truck. For which you will need to take all the necessary documents and environmental license of your food truck.

Apart from this, you also need to get a license from the fire department. In which it is written that you will follow all the guidelines of the fire department to protect your food truck from fire.

In addition to all this, you will also have to get a No Objection Certificate from Municipal Corporation, after which you can also take insurance of your food truck business kitchen.

At this time the tax system in India has changed, so you have to get GST registration as per government rules for your business and after registration you will also be given GST number.

Food Truck Business Investments

If we talk about the cost of opening a food truck business in India, an average investment of Rs 10 lakh to 20 lakh is lost. Although the amount of the cost will depend to a large extent on the vehicle you choose, along with it what kind of food product you want to sell. This will also affect the cost of doing business.

Food Truck Business Profit

However, the profit in any business depends on the type of product you do, marketing and your quality. But according to experts, a raw material of Rs 5000 can easily give you a profit of Rs 9000 to 10000 rupees or more. Suppose your total income for a month is around Rs 3 lakh, while you invested 1.6 lakh. You can earn 40 to 50 percent extra profit directly. Apart from this, your profit increases every month in the food truck business, just you have to maintain your quality and services.

Marketing and Advertising

For any business it is very important to promote and disseminate, for this you can use different methods. First of all, your food truck has to be named Attractive. Only then will you be able to complete the further marketing process.

Food Truck Business Risk

Vehicle risk – The biggest risk is the expense that comes in the maintenance of your commercial truck, because if something goes wrong in your vehicle, then it costs you a lot of money. Which affects your business capital.

Quality and taste – The trade of any food related product depends on its quality. This is the single most important thing to note if you want to save your fire truck business from being ruined. Along with this, you will have to change the test and flavor of your food product from time to time according to the customers.

Poor management – Although every business requires a lot of management, but in the food product business, even the smallest things have to be taken care of. You will already have to concentrate on managing your food truck business, otherwise your business may be slow.

Hiring and Training – To run your business, you have to hire only those people who treat the customer well and are experts in cooking. Not only this, you will also have to arrange training for your employees, because if the employees are not trained properly then it will not take much time to close your business.

Understanding of the market – To avoid failing your food truck business, you also have to pay attention to publicity. Because marketing is the root of the success of your business, always walk according to the market and customers and keep incorporating trending products in your food recipe.

There is no doubt that the food truck business is increasing every year at the rate of 9 percent. Apart from this, this business has only started in India recently, so there is less competition in the market at this time. Because of which you can run your food truck business easily.



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