How to Start a Fish Aquarium Business in India

Todays fish aquarium business has become very popular and profitable business mainly in big cities. You can also open a profitable aquarium business in many ways. However, most important aspect is the right business model and strategic planning when starting a business related to ornamental or tropical fish.

In this this article we have included a complete list of business plans with costs, profits and promotions for aspiring entrepreneurs looking for the same.

There are several ways to start this business depending on your location, investment capacity and experience. On top of that, you can start the business either part-time or full-time. With a small to moderate investment, you can expect a good return on this business in a short period of time.


Potential of the aquarium business market

Before starting a business in the ornamental fish industry, you should have an idea about how big the market is. Now a days fish farming becomes very popular hobbies among millions of enthusiasts worldwide. In addition, most species of fish kept in aquariums are freshwater species.

The sale of aquarium accessories are also increasing due to increasing demand of ornamental fish among peoples. Peoples are increasingly searching for products such as aeration equipment, substrates, tanks, ornaments and fish food.

There are many new stores are establishing due to growing interest of people in keeping aquarium fish. In general, these stores sell products and services related to the aquarium, such as facilities, maintenance and cleaning. Aquarium stores are also employing qualified and knowledgeable staff to help consumers maintain their aquariums regularly in their residence. In addition, the market is witnessing the growing preference for products integrated in technology. To start a aquarium business has become very lucrative these days.

Skill required for the aquarium business

Definitely, starting a business related to tropical fish requires adequate skill and knowledge. First, you should know the different types of aquarium fish, their eating habits, behaviors, etc. In addition, you must have the experience to handle them. Disease management is another important aspect that you should consider very carefully. Finally, you should have knowledge about how to maintain aquariums, supplies and general cleaning of the area. Therefore, if you have a good previous experience, otherwise, consider working with other established companies for some time to gain practical knowledge.

1.Tanks with bells
3.Fish food
4.Filtration systems
7.Water treatment systems
8.Tank decorations
9.Oxygen provider
10.Tank scrubbers to remove algae
11.The test kit for nitrate, pH and ammonia.
13.Refrigeration or freezer for perishable fish foods.
14.Ornamentation material for the bottom of the tank (gravel or substrate)
15.Tropical fish care books
16.Aquarium store marketing ideas

When you start the business with a small budget, you must be creative in marketing. First, you must meet people who already have aquariums. You can hang a billboard in a prominent place in the city. If possible, offer some initial opening offers. In addition, you may consider providing special discounts for annual maintenance contracts. To consider 3 different aquarium business models

 Aquarium shop

Starting an aquarium is a very profitable retail  business.  The business is also easy to start. However, for this type of business metropolitan cities are the only excellent places. In addition, you must ensure a commercial space for the operation. Before securing space, you must identify potential demand and competition in both that particular area. In addition, you must ensure a location where there are no other shops within at least 3 km. The store must have an adequate water supply. In addition, it needs electricity. After conducting the market survey, you must prepare the business plan. In addition, you must organize the initial capital. You must decorate interior of shops depending on the particular services and products.

Licenses and permits for aquarium store businesses

In general, you can open an aquarium store in two ways. Either by opening your brand’s store or buying a franchise. In India, you can find several aquarium franchise opportunities. However, depending on your investment capacity, select the franchise wisely.

In general, the opening of this type of store needs two different permits. First, you must obtain a license in accordance with the Stores and Establishments Act and, secondly, you must obtain the GST number for proper filing and accounting of taxes. In addition, you can consider the MSME Udyog Aadhaar registration and the trademark registration if you operate your own brand. Check the license issues in your city.

Items for Aquarium Store 

Finally, you need to purchase  the aquarium related items to sell. In general terms, you can classify the list of items into two segments. Supplies for sale and supplies for the maintenance of your store. Some of the essential items are

Tanks with bells
Fish food
Filtration systems
Water treatment systems
Tank decorations
Oxygen provider
Tank scrubbers to remove algae
The test kit for nitrate, pH and ammonia.
Refrigeration or freezer for perishable fish foods.
Ornamentation material for the bottom of the tank (gravel or substrate)
Tropical fish care books

Aquarium shop marketing ideas

When you are starting the business with a small budget, you must be creative in marketing. First, you must get idea from people who already have aquariums. You can hang some billboard in a prominent place in the city for advertisement. If possible, give some offer initially. In addition, you may provide special discounts for annual maintenance contracts. Consider having your own commercial website. Register your business with Google My Business. It will help you get the search result when people search for something like “aquarium shop near me”.

 Aquarium maintenance service

Beside shop, you can also provide annual maintenance contract for aquarium  or you can also start only the maintenance service. In general, you can start an aquarium maintenance service business from your home. However, operating from a retail store is always better. In any case, you must provide the service at your customer’s door.

In reality, any aquarium as such needs frequent cleaning and maintenance. And definitely, sometimes it is problematic for busy people. And they look for a professional service for that. Opening an aquarium maintenance business also requires specific skills and adequate knowledge. On top of that, you must be willing to work hard.

When you operate the aquarium maintenance business from your home, you must obtain the commercial license from the local authority and the GST registry. And your vehicle must have a commercial register.

When starting this business, you must develop a business plan with financial analysis and marketing strategies. In addition, you must purchase the necessary supplies and a means of transport.

Promote the aquarium maintenance service

First, you should know the owner of the existing aquarium in the area about your business. In addition, you can establish a commercial link with local aquarium stores. Because, today, the aquarium is a popular element in the creation of decorative interiors. Also, contact the commercial business offices that maintain the aquarium and seek regular maintenance. Creating your own website is essential. Also, register your business in local classifieds offline and online.

Online aquarium store

Finally, if you want to open an online business in this industry, you can consider starting an online aquarium store. First, search Google. Easily in a second, you can find many online stores that already exist. It will give you some main ideas.

In general, an online aquarium store sells different types of aquarium accessories, decorative items, fish food and fish as well. Although you can start the business from home, you must have adequate spaces for storage and official work. Otherwise, you should consider operating the business from a separate office. Nowadays, it is really easy to open a small e-commerce store to sell products online. You can follow the simple steps to open the online aquarium accessories store.

Step 1 Business Plan
Opening an online aquarium business needs solid planning. Actually, there are many aspects that you should consider very carefully. First, you must be selective when choosing the product line. Also, determine the territory where you can provide the service. How it will compete with the other existing online stores. Therefore, you must have an appropriate online promotion plan as well.

Step 2 Organize finances
Second, according to your business plan, you must organize the financing. In the online aquarium business, you must invest the dollar in the acquisition of supplies, the purchase of the domain name, the purchase of the e-commerce platform, the hiring of labor and delivery.

Step 3 Set up the store
First, you must select a name for your business. And verify domain availability. To establish a small e-commerce store, we recommend Shopify. Basically, it allows you to operate the business easily without running any technical risk. Put the photos correctly. Also, mention the exact areas where you supply the materials. In addition, you must guarantee the delivery time of a particular product. Clearly, mention your contact information on the website.

Step 4 Procure aquarium products
‘This is another complicated job that you should do carefully. Basically, the most important thing is supplier management. As a small business starts, it can face a frequent demand for small things. Therefore, you must establish the terms with the suppliers accordingly.

Step 5 Set up the business
The establishment of the administration department basically includes the development of the SOP (Standard Operating Procedure). You must have a competent labor team that can deliver the material after receiving the order. And in this type of aquarium business, it is not an easy task at all. By the time you open the store and accept orders, you must be ready for timely delivery.

Step 6 Promote the store
And finally, no business gets the desired success without promotion. Practically, there are many options that you can explore to promote your online store. Some of the most potential avenues are Google Adsense, social networks, Facebook advertising, etc.

The most interesting thing is that you can also explore all three business models at the same time. And in that case, an online store will help you promote your other aquarium businesses to serve the Internet audience.

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