How to start a business of selling sugarcane juice.

You must have drunk sugarcane juice and you will have an idea of ​​how delicious it is. Sugarcane juice is also liked by people a lot and in such a situation, trading of sugarcane juice can prove very beneficial. Today we are going to give you information about how to do business of sugarcane juice, so that you too can start the business of sugarcane juice as soon as possible and make profit.

Demand for sugarcane juice

Just as there is a great demand for ice cream in the summer, and there is a great advantage in the ice cream business, the demand for sugarcane juice is quite high in the summer season. In this season you will find many shops selling sugarcane juice in any street or market. In which all the time a crowd of people are engaged to drink this juice.

Talking about winter season, the demand for sugarcane juice is very less in this season and this juice is not sold much in the market. But in the summer season you can earn a lot of profit by selling sugar cane juice. Before this, we have told you about the business of making jaggery by sugarcane, now you can start this business and earn huge profits.

Ingredients used to make sugarcane juice

To make sugarcane juice, following things are required which are as follows.


Where to get sugarcane and their price 

You can buy sugar cane from any market of your city, you will find it easily in the mandis. At the same time the prices of sugarcane are determined by the government. On the other hand, if you buy these sugarcane from the mandi and not directly from the farmers, then it may make you a little cheaper.


Lemon is used in sugarcane juice, so you will also need lemon. You can also buy lemon from mandi. At the same time, their prices are higher in the summer season.

In the summer season, a kilo of lemons come from 60 to 80 rupees. However, the prices of lemons are not the same in every state, so the price of lemons in your city may be more or less.


Peppermint is a hot summer product that is used to give a taste to sugarcane juice. Almost every shopkeeper must add juice of green mint leaves in sugarcane juice. So you have to buy this too.

Peppermint Price

A bunch of mint comes for five rupees, while if you take it directly from the mandi not from ready, you will get it cheaper. So try to buy things like sugarcane, mint and lemon together from the mandi.


Sugar is also added to sugarcane juice, which cools the juice. You will also need a significant amount of ice for this. You will get ice blocks from any shop. In addition to ice, ginger is also used in sugarcane juice, so you must also buy ginger from the market.


Glass glass is also required during this trade, so buy glass of at least 10 glasses of different sizes. You will easily find small, medium and large size glasses in any utensil shop. At the same time, if you want, you can also use plastic glass instead of glass glass. But plastic glass will cost you a bit more than glass glass. At the same time, you also buy a pot from the pot shop.

Sugar cane juice dispenser sugar cane juice machine

To extract the juice from sugarcane, you need a machine, which runs with the help of electricity. At the same time, you will easily find a machine extracting sugar cane juice in the market. You can also buy online.

Sugar Cane Juice Machine Price

Prices for sugarcane juice dispenser start at Rs 15 thousand. At the same time, the prices of these machines keep increasing with the specialty of the machines. Meaning if you take an automatic machine, then it will cost you dearly.

How To Make Sugar Cane Juice

To remove sugarcane juice, first you have to wash the sugarcane well. After which, if you want, you can also peel off the sugarcane or you can also put them in the machine directly, without peeling them.
After putting the sugarcane in the machine, you start the machine. You can also put 3 to 5 sugarcane at a time in the machine.
After putting the sugarcane in the machine, its juice will come out automatically and your sugarcane juice will be ready.
You can also add lemon mint and ginger in the machine itself. Or you can add the juice of these things to sugarcane juice later. Also, do not forget to add salt and ice to sugarcane juice.
How much price of sugarcane juice should be kept

You can sell a glass of sugarcane juice for 5, 10, 20 rupees. If you want, you can also increase the price of sugarcane juice in the summer season. But keep in mind that if someone is selling this juice around you at cheap prices, then you can also sell sugarcane juice at the same price.

Choose the right area (Place)

You can choose only the crowded areas to sell sugarcane juice or start your business from any place around the market, school and college. Because these places are always crowded, which is very beneficial for your sugarcane business.

How To Start Sugarcane Juice Business 

Open your own shop

You can start this business in two ways, within the first way you can rent a shop. You can keep your machine and sugarcane in this shop and from here can sell juice by extracting sugarcane.

Sell ​​juice through ready

In the other way, you can sell sugarcane juice through ready (Thillia). You will easily find many types of radis in the market and you can buy any kind of ready-made radis from these radis. Along with the ready, you must also make the sugarcane juice dispenser fit on this ready and also make sure that there is a place to keep the sugarcane under the ready.

Which of these two methods is beneficial

If you choose the shop method, it will be beneficial for you. Because you will not have to change the place again and again. Not only this, whoever drinks juice from your shop will become your firm customer and will always drink sugarcane juice from your shop.

The expenses that come in this trade

If you hire a shop to sell sugarcane juice, then you have to pay the rent of that shop every month. At the same time, the rent of the shop depends on where you have rented the shop. For example, if you rent a shop near a market, you may have to pay more. On the other hand, if you rent a shop in a less crowded area, then it will be cheaper for you.

If you start your business through ready, then you will not have to pay any kind of rent to anyone. However, you have to take permission from your city municipality to place a ready at any one place. On the other hand, if you do not put your ready in one place, you do not have to take any kind of permission.

Employees will also be required

To clean the sugarcane, to take money from people and to wash the glass used by them, you will need one or two men.
If you open this shop and start this business, then you must hire people. On the other hand, if your budget is not so much that you can hire anyone to work at the shop, then you can take help of your family members.
At the same time, if you do this business through ready, you still have to keep a man with you. On the other hand, if you do not have money to give to that person, then you will have to work from extracting juice from yourself and washing the glass.

Many things have to be kept in mind

A lot of flies keep roaming near the sugarcane juice, so you have to make sure that the flies are kept away from the cane kept in your shop or ready.
Apart from this, in extracting sugarcane juice, you also have to take care of cleanliness. Because even your slightest negligence can be harmful to people’s help and your business can be shut down.
It is also important to keep clean, because if there will be dirt around your shop, then people will return from outside your shop after seeing a dirty place.
If you use only clean water to wash the glass used by people, it will be better. Because if the glass is dirty, then people will not buy juice from your shop after seeing dirty glasses.
You only buy fresh sugarcane from the market, because if you buy old sugarcane from the market, those sugarcane will have less juice than fresh sugarcane. Not only this, if you use old sugarcane, then you have to use many sugarcane to extract a glass juice.
Do not forget to keep the plastic in the glass shop as well, because people like to drink juice in plastic glasses. Apart from this, many people also make juice packed, so you should also buy the material to pack the juice.
Can start other business with this trade

Besides selling sugarcane juice, you can also sell other types of juice. Because in the summer season people drink a lot of juice. Therefore, you should try to sell the juices of things like seasonal, pomegranate, carrot along with sugarcane juice. Apart from this, you can also make and sell many types of shake.

If you run this business cleanly and carefully, then this business can prove to be very profitable for you.

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