How to start a business of manufacturing matchbox

Matchbox manufacturing

Hello friends! We hope that you must be familiar with Match box and its value in the market. So many people wants to do matchbox manufacturing business.

Friends, today I will let you know about starting a Match box manufacturing business. But to start this business  there are  required licence, raw materials and machinery etc.

First of all let’s know about Mach box

Match Box :

Match Box is made of card board having having thin wide and long shape. A slider box is placed in middle where matchsticks are filled in it.  Where a phosphorous layer is pasted on both side of matchbox and when this portion is rubbed with matchstick a fire comes out.

Matchbox manufacturing

Possibility of sale of matchbox in the market :

Matches having very  good demand in the market, since it is a very useful items for our daily life.  And it is used by every people to generate fire .

You can sale your manufactured matchbox  in the market easily if you build up relation with shop keeper and supply them as per their requirement. And to increase your sale you will have to do branding also of your matchbox.

How to start Match Box making business

To start this business you do not need much money. You can start this business with very less investment and at home also with the help of match sticks and some machinery.

Before start business following points to be keep in mind.

Space selection :  First of all you will have to select place having area approx 1000 to 12000 sqr ft area.

Licence Registration : As we know to start business we need to get permission from different department. And for that you will have to submit all documents in different department and after verifying these documents you will get licence, then you can start business.

Name of department is mentioned below from where you will have to get permission.

G.S.T : You need to get registration of G.S.T of your company first, since when you do your business and gets profit                    then you will have pay taxes also to the government.

UDYAM : This business is of industrial type therefore you will have to get certificate from UDYAM which is your licence.

NOC from Fire department :  Match Box manufacturing business is related with fire therefore you need to get                                    NOC from Fire department after that you can start business.

NOC from Pollution control board  : Woods are used in making match box therefore need to get permission                                   from Pollution control board regarding how many wood you can transport in a year

Matchbox manufacturing

Raw materials to start Match box manufacturing business :

Like other business it also required raw materials to start business. So let us know what are the required raw materials for starting match box manufacturing business.

  1. First of all you will require wood in large quantity for making match stick. But due to government  banned on cutting trees you will get limited quantity of wood.
  2. In shortage of wood you can use thin pipes also to make match stick.
  3. After making match box, there is need to pack them therefore card  board is also required for packing purpose which is easily available in the market.
  4. To fire from stick  a red colour chemical is required which is called Red phosphorous.
  5. Besides red phosphorous other chemical is also required to produce more fire from sticks.
  6. After arranging all these materials you will need paper and packing materials which is easily available in market.

Required machinery to start match box manufacturing business :

There are required some machinery to start this business. If you have these machinery then you can produce lot quantity in few time. Its a common thing that if you can produce more then you will be able sale more and your product will be more popular.

You will have to manufacture of better quality products to establish your product in the market, since there are already many popular brands in the market. So to make better quality products you need to use machinery.

Name of required machines is given below.

  • Chainsaw
  • Feed hopper
  • Rotating drum dryer
  • Matchstick filling machine
  • Log gebarkar
  • Veneer peeling machine
  • Chemical tank
  • Counting and packaging machinery

How to do packing of match box : 

After manufacturing match box want to do packaging then you should use packaging machine since to increase sale in the market you need to do best quality of packaging. If your products looks more attractive then more people will attract to buy your products.

Where to sale matchbox :

After manufacture of matchbox it is very important to sale in the market. You can sale your matchbox online and offline in both way. If you are manufacturing in small scale then you sale in offline market. and if you want to increase your capacity you should  go for online market.

If you want to sale in your local market. You will have to contact shop keeper and stockist in your local area. and

if you go for online market then you can get big order from big stockist and big malls.

How much you can earn from matchbox manufacturing business :

If you start this business on small scale then you can easily earn 20 to 30 thousand per month and when you go for online marketing then your business will increase and you will be able to earn in lakhs per month.


” Friends hope above article on how to start matchbox manufacturing business will help you more”


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