Dal mill plant project report for 2021 business

Dal Mill (Pulse Mill)

Friends, today we will tell you about the dal mill plant business and along with this we will give you the project report of mini dal mill and its machine.

So stay tuned for more information with this article and collect all the information about dal mill business.

Table of Contents

  1. How to start a Dal Mill business
  2.  Location for dal mill plan
  3.  Training for dal mill business
  4.  Registration or registration process of mini dal mill
  5.  Machine for Dal Mill
  6. Types of dal mill machinery
  7. Raw material for dal mill
  8. Dal and its variants Types of pulses
  9. Other materaial for dall mill
  10. Dal packaging and their types
  11. Branding & Promotion
  12. Material Delivery to Mall Customer

How to start a Dal Mill business in india

 1.How to start a Dal Mill business in india

Friends, as we all know that there is so much demand for pulses in India and due to which all the mini pulse mill companies making pulses today can earn good profits.

So if you also want, you can start a good business by setting up a mini dal mill keeping some things in mind.

So let’s know today how we can set up a dal mill for ourselves

After which you will have to prepare a project report of your business mini dal mill plot accordingly, in which you will have to write complete information about your business.

2. Location for dal mill plant

Now it is very important that you find a good place for your business now, and if it is your own then it will be better.

You will need almost space for this business, where all your work like making dal, storing dal and packing the dal, etc. will be completed in such a place easily.

3. Training for dal mill plant business

Friends, you will find many videos of training for this business in the internet, but we will suggest you to do any business

First you increase your experience by working for a few days with that type of business companies, then after that you put your hand in that business

Because many times we have to take so many decisions in our business that we do not understand at all what to do at that time, so in that case our experience works

Which is very good and easy to get us out of such problems, so we need a lot of practical experience.

4. Registration or registration process of mini dal mill

Friends, in order to do this business, it becomes very important for you to register this business, which you can do in the following way.

Proprietor ship; If you want to start this business in a very small way, then you can register it through industry base, which is a very easy and very fast process.

If you are thinking that you want to start it as a big company, then you can also start this business as a private limited, public limited or partnership firm.

GST Registration; – After this you have to apply for GST for your business i.e. this dal mill, which is ready by getting ready in 7 days or sometimes in 2 days.

If you want to build your business as a brand which will be the best for you because it is very important for you to make your mark in your market, for which you have to register the trade mark.

Along with this you should also apply for pollution

5. Dal mill machinery

Friends, you need the same machine for pulses mill. To win, it is very important to know the information of pulses mill machine to live.

For the pulses mill, you will get many different types of machines in the market at different prices, but we will request you to take a machine for the pulses mill in which you can prepare many types of pulses.

For example, pulses like tur dal, moong dal, pea dal, chana dal, famous lentils, etc. can be mashed in a single machine so that your mill work can start at a lower cost.

6.Types of dal mill machinery



You will get all these machines at India Mart which is single phase, three phase and the motor of these machines is 1-3 HP, 4-5 HP.

The price of these machines ranges from two lakh to four lakh rupees and if you want to set up a pulse mill on a large scale.

So you have to increase your budget because it can cost you at least Rs 30 lakh to Rs 60 lakh for this.

7. Raw material for dal mill

Friends, you will also need raw material for your business, which you can get from the farmers, which you can only get from the farmers.

For this you can either contact the farmers directly or you can go to the grain market and arrange a raw mall for yourself.

But if you buy goods directly from Kishen Bhai on time, then you will get this good prices delivery facility to the customer of the mall.

8.Lentils and its variants Types of pulses

Friends, you get many types of lentils in the market, in which you will have to produce all kinds of lentils.

You must produce chana dal mill plant, lentil lentil, pea lentil, arhar ki daal, urad dal, and all kinds of lentils.

9. Other materaial for dall mill

Friends, you need not only the machine but also many other small things to put the pulses, in which you are eligible to store the raw mall, and the vehicles to move it from one place to another, with it You will have scales in which you will weigh all your material.

Along with this, you will also have to take packing items for packaging, in this way many more other items are required which is very important.

10. Packaging of Dal and their types

Friends, you not only need pulses making machines for the pulses mill, but you also need a packaging machine for packing a pulse for this.

In which you prepare packets in many different sizes like 500 gram, 1000 gram, 2 kg gram, 5 kg gram, 10 kg gram different packets have to be prepared.

Which is according to the different needs of the customer

11.. Branding & Promotion

Friends, if you do not promote and branding your dal mill, then your business will be destroyed, which is necessary not only for dal mill but for all other business.

Branding builds trust and recognition within the customer, so you should name or brand your business like Haldiram is a brand.

Along with this, Aashirwad is a brand, just like Apple is a brand that makes mobiles, so you too have to create a brand of your business.

12. Delivery to Customer Delivery

Friends, after packaging the lentils, you need to deliver the pulses to the customer, for which you also need a vehicle.

Through which you deliver your finished goods to your customer

Friends, first you have to decide for your business whether you want to set up a mini dal mill or you want to set up a big dal mill plant. Then according to requirement you can plan set up a dal mill.


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