Carpet Making Business a profitable business idea?

Carpet Business

Do you want to start a profitable carpet making business? So read this article carefully, today we will tell you in detail about the carpet making business, the necessary raw materials and a detailed carpet manufacturing business plan with the machine.

Originally, carpet is a floor cover made of thick woven fabric. Which is used both for covering and decorating the floor. It gives a beautiful appearance to the floor and also provides warmth.

Generally, it is made of wool, cotton or synthetic yarn. Originally, its beautiful pattern makes the carpet so attractive and beautiful.

The carpet manufacturing process is very simple. And anyone can start this business on a small scale with very little capital investment. And moreover, you can start a small carpet production unit from home too if you want.

However, you will need enough space for carpet making. Apart from this, from the same unit, you can also start the production of quilts, rugs etc. In addition, you can easily expand the product line.

Potential carpet market

Its demand in the global market is increasing day by day. Nowadays, consumers are moving towards bold attractive colors. Additionally, carpet designer patterns are rapidly gaining popularity.

In addition, the demand for eco-friendly carpet is also increasing. Hence, according to the user, there are many areas where there is demand for carpet. They are ___


Health care

Educational institute




business plan

It is absolutely necessary to prepare a plan for this business. First of all, you need to identify the demand for specific types of carpets in the market. And decide the product. And only then, you can decide the cost, machinery and production process.

Additionally, check the price on the market for carpets of that type. And finally, decide carefully what type of carpet you are going to produce. In addition, you have to incorporate financial cost analysis and marketing strategy for your product.

License and permission

Generally, no specific type of license is required for the carpeting business. But you need to register your business. Additionally, it is appropriate to examine the criteria of the local authority. And it is better to know beforehand what it takes to start a business. If you want to capture the international market, then you definitely need a specific export-import license.

Carpet making machine

Currently, software driven carpet making machines are available in the market. And with these machines, you can produce different types of decorative carpets according to your design. Generally, you can produce 17 to 20 meters wide carpet with these machines.

It is an eight tone line computer jacquard carpet round machine. In fact, these computers are jacquard machines that can perform many tasks simultaneously. In seconds, full terry, circle cutting, high low loop pile style, etc. can be performed.

In addition, you can use this machine to make eight colored carpets, to vary the color of the carpet surface.

Essential raw material

The main raw materials for carpet making are woolen cotton and synthetic yarns, dyes and chemicals. Apart from this, you can also use synthetic fiber or jute if you want. Generally, the raw material is required according to the carpet you want to make. In addition, you will also need to purchase the necessary materials for packaging.

Carpet Making Process The manufacturing process of the carpet essentially involves the following operations.

  • Yarn procurement, spreading, washing and drying
  • Drawing and then memorizing the design on graph paper
  • Loom installation
  • Knitting the carpet and using the right yarn to make the right knotĀ Press down each line using a heavy toothed metal comb
  • Making the carpet smooth by cutting out the threads left after knotting the wool knot
  • Carpet washing and drying
  • Wrapping up packing

Actually, carpeting is a traditional industry. Nowadays, with the development of technology, you can earn good money by making and selling carpet either by machine or traditional method.

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