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Mango Papad Making Business Details

Mango papad is a food item that is liked by people of all ages and hence this trade is counted in low risk businesses. Mango papads are sold and bought in every part of India and this trade is not limited to any one state and its demand is there in every state.

What is Mango Papad

On hearing the name of Mango Papad, it can be inferred that they are made from Mango, which are like Papad. In our country mango is liked by many people.

Ingredients used to make Mango Papad

Ripe mangoes
Black Salt

Mango You will need ripe mangoes to make mango papad. Mango is a seasonal fruit, so they are not sold in the market all the time. But nowadays mangoes are imported from other countries and in such cases now mangoes are available in the market.

Where to buy mango 

If you buy mangoes from market or ready ones, then you may find these expensive. Therefore, try to buy mangoes directly from the farmers who go to the market and sell their mangoes. By doing this, you will get common prices.

Price of mangoes

The price of mangoes is not the same, but mangoes are sold at least 30 to 50 rupees per kg. Therefore, you should buy them directly from the farmers who plant mangoes in their garden.


Sugar is also used in making mango papad. Mango papad is sweetened with the help of sugar. If you want in mango papad, you can also use sugar powder instead of sugar.

Where to get sugar and its prices

Sugar will be found in any shop. At the same time, if we talk about their prices, one kg of sugar comes at least 30 to 40 rupees.


While making mango papad, ghee is also required. Try to use desi ghee to make mango papad. At the same time, if we talk about the price of ghee, then one kg of ghee comes at least 400 to 500 rupees.

Black Salt

Many people also use black salt to make mango papad. You can take black salt from any shop. Prices of black salt start at Rs 14 a kg.

Machinery for making Mango Papad for industry

If you trade mango papad on big or small level, then you will need automatic machines. With the help of these machines you can easily prepare mango papad. At the same time, you can do the packaging of papadas quickly with the packaging machine. Packaging papads from machines will also sell a lot of your time. At the same time, you can buy automatic machines making mango papad by visiting the web link given below.



How to make Mango Papad

To make mango papad, you must first peel the peeled mangoes. At the same time, you must also make sure that you have removed the mango peels properly. Because if the mango peels are not removed properly, then the mango will not melt and if the mango is not melted, your mango papad will not be formed properly.

After peeling the mango, you have to cut the mango into small pieces. After slicing the mango into small pieces, put these pieces in the mixi, along with sugar and black salt and make a paste with the help of the mixer. Stir the mixture until the sugar and mangoes are thoroughly crushed.

After the mango paste is ready, you sieve this paste and after filtering, the mango juice that comes out, keep it on the gas and heat it.

You should cook this juice on gas for at least ten minutes and when the juice is cooked and thickened, turn off the gas.

Now put ghee in a palette and add thick mango juice to this palette and spread this paste well on a plate. Try to spread this paste in a plate like a thin layer.

After spreading this paste in the plate, keep this paste in the sun for two days. After two days this juice will dry up. After the juice dries, cut it with the help of a knife and in this way your common papad will be ready.
Now pack the mango papads in the plastic and your mango papads are ready to sell in the market.
Packaging of Mango Papad

To pack the mango papad, you will need thin plastic. Apart from this, if you wish, during packing them, a paper containing information like your company name and phone number can also be put in the packet. So that people get to know about your company and at the same time your business can also grow.
Where to pack plastic

To pack the mango papad, thin plastic is used which is transparent. Apart from this, the label of the company name is also put on the packet. You will have to buy both these things from the market. At the same time, you will have to print the name of the company and other things on the paper, from a printing company.

At the same time, before packing mango papad, you should also decide how much quantity you want to sell mango papad. Meaning that you want to make 100 gram or 50 gram or how many quantity packets of common papad besides these.

Price of Mango Papad

The sale of anything depends on the prices of that item. Therefore, you should also keep in mind the price of your common papads. At the same time, if we talk about the prices of mango papads sold in the shop, one kilo of mango papad is sold around 400 rupees. At the same time, 150 grams of mango papad is sold for around 130 rupees. Therefore, you also have to keep the price of your mango papad according to the common papad sold in the market.

Try to sell your mango papads for a little less than the prices of common papads sold in the market. Because the price of your mango papad is low, the sale of your papad can be high.

At the same time, once your mango papads start selling well, you can also increase their prices slightly and earn more profits.

How to Sell Aam Papad in Market :

Mango papad can be sold in many ways and some of these methods are given below:

Sell ​​your goods by going to the shop yourself

You can go and sell the common papads of your company in the shop. Because by doing this, the commission given to others including wholesale will be saved and you will earn more profit.

Open your shop and sell mango papad

If you want, you can also open a small shop and sell common papads. By doing this, you will get more profit and if you want, you can sell other food items from your shop besides mango papad.

Sell ​​your common papas online

Nowadays, most of the shopping is done through online. So you can sell your papads online as well. Apart from this, selling papad online will also promote your industry. Also, through online, the common papad made by you will be able to be sold in any part of the state of the country and due to this your business will not be limited to your city or state only.

Can also export

Mango papad is an Indian dish or food item, which is also very popular in other countries. Therefore, you can also export your mango papad.

At the same time, you can also reach your common papads through exports to Indians living in other countries. By exporting your mango papads, your business will also be established globally.
Company Name Selection and Registration

While preparing the business plan of Mango Papad, you should also think of a name for your company. Your company will be identified by the name decided by you. That’s why you keep the name of your common papad company carefully.

At the same time, after deciding the name of the company of Mango Papad, you must get your company registered. Apart from registration, to get the FSSI license required to sell food products in our country, get them from your local authority. Apart from this, get the GST registered as well.
Promotion your company

You can choose several options to promote your common papad company. If you want, you can give some samples of mango papad made by your company for free in shops. So that shopkeepers can give samples of your mango papad to their customers and by doing this people will get to know the taste of mango papad of your company and they will start buying mango papad of your company from the shop.

Publicity through Print Media

You can also promote your common papad company through newspaper. You can give information about your common papad in any local newspaper of your city. Apart from this, you can also convey the information of your company to the people through pamphlets.
If you want, you can deliver the pamphlet to the people through newspapers or you can give the responsibility to distribute it to a person.

How much will cost

Depending on how big ed you are giving in the newspaper, the newspaper people take money from you. Apart from this, for campaigning in less money, you can also get a pumplet through the newspaper.

Publicity through electronic media

Electronic media is the best medium for publicity. Radio and TV come under electronic media. At the same time, to promote your company in electronic media, you will need Ed. Therefore, this medium is placed in the category of expensive publicity.

At the same time, if you want to promote your common papad through this medium, then your budget can increase. But remember that this medium has far more reach than other medium.

Publicity through Social Media

Social media is also being used as a form of propaganda these days. But this media can be used only by those who have good knowledge about social media. If you have good knowledge of social media, then you can promote your company through it yourself. Or if you want, you can hire someone to propagate the common papad through this medium.

How many employees will be required

At what level do you start your common papad business, it depends on how many people you will need to do this business. Apart from this, it also depends on your budget that how many people you can hire.

Budget for your business

It does not require much investment to start a mango papad business, but you will have to invest some money in machines etc. At the same time, you can also take a loan from the bank if there is a shortage of money. Apart from this, the government has also run many subsidies and schemes to promote small scale industries, which you can also take advantage of.

Training is also necessary

Before starting the business of Mango Papad, you should also take training to make Mango Papad and also give training to those people who you are keeping in the business of making Mango Papad.

Apart from this, you can also watch papad making videos on YouTube. You will also get more information about this business from these videos.

Can start more business with this business

Along with the trade of mango papad, you can also start other types of trade, such as you can make pulp papal, rice papad. By making all these papads together, there will be profit in your profit.

Important information related to this business

While making mango papad, you have to take special care of cleanliness. Because if any dirty (eg hair or worm) thing is found by customers in your common papad, then they will not buy your common papad again, which will be harmful for your business.
There are many companies that sell mango papad in the market, so you try that your mango papad is much better in taste than the papad sold by these companies.
Only sell fresh mango papads in the market. Because if you sell the papads that have been made poorly or many time ago, then they can be harmful for the health of the people.
If you do not want to start this business alone, then you can start this business through partnership. Before partnering with anyone, you will also have to prepare some legal papers related to the partnership.
If you do the business of common papad with the right sense, then you can get a lot of profit in this business and your business can prove to be a successful business.

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